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The Spirals Appearing Blue And Green Are Actually The Same Color
I normally dont like these types of optical illusions, but this one is surely interesting.....Are they indeed of the same color????
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making me so dizzy!!! they dont look the same to meee.... =(
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iluvdurian31, OMG I cut the piece of the blue spiral and put it together with the green spiral piece in photoshop......they are indeed of the same color!!!!!!! which begs the question which color is it: green or blue?? haha
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@janekhon omg.... but how?!?! and why?!?! i dont understand T_T
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Me neither...total mystery...LOL
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The difference in your head is caused by the staggered orange and pink lines. It's the same type of illusion as the chess piece casting a shadow over several tiles. The white tile in shadow matches the black tile in light.
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