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This was supposed to be my second attempt at posting chapter 20 for Jimin's branch of The Pains of Our Yesterdays. But once again, it's not working on my computer. The new update screwed up Vingle working on my computer. I don't have time to play with it and try to transfer all the data and pictures and everything else, so I probably won't be able to update the chapter until Thurs. And that's if things get fixed. I really apologize for it not working and having to leave you in suspense even longer. If it gets fixed, I'll post chapter 20 as soon as I can and I'll still post chapter 21 on Sat like usual. Once again, I'm really sorry.
I can't seem to post anything from my computer. I've made the same card 4 times now and I've only posted a blank page.
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@JaxomB stupid update, lol. At least we now get italics. But I don't like the loss of the carousel pics
vingle done goofed
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right it's like they made it more eh and like animo @SNBlackRose