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Life's a Game 

Gener: Angst
Pairing: Reader x Jackson
Length: 1284
Warning: Rated M, Foul language, readerxidol
Summary: He was my everything, but I was just his game
Part 3/?
Jackson Pov:
He was walking back to the dorms when he heard a car honk and then zoom passed you, the car was a Big hit vehicle, and the only bit hit group that lives in the dorms in this area are bangtang. Why are they heading that way so fast? Jackson stood there asking himself when an SM car followed soon after. Ok something's not right, Jackson’s walk turned into a run as he tried to stay in the trails of the cars when stopped out of breath. He looked up at the street name, and his heart dropped. There's only one person he knew on this street that those guys would come to see. He took off to her house, stopping in the front of the apartment house, looking at the door that was viciously kicked down he walking to see Mackenzie and lily on either side of Jin carrying y/n down the stairs.
“Jackson……” y/n said with such terror in her eyes
Jackson rushed over to her while the other came down the stairs.
“He's in the room the police will be here as soon as possible along with an ambulance. We lock the door, not like he'll be able to get up. How is she?” J-hope said bolting down the stairs.
“She's out cold, I think she may have a concussion!” Jin said placing her on the couch with Jackson holding her.
“Jackson? What are you doing here?” Namjoon said waiting by the door for the authorities.
“I saw you guys drive by and come this way, I didn't think it was this serious though, what the fuck happened?” Jackson said starting to brush his fingers through your hair.
Before Anyone could answer you heard sirens coming in closer. Five police officers came in and Jimin and Yoongi pointed up stair while the paramedics came in and took y/n from jackson's arms.
Chanyeols Pov:
The police ran up the stairs and went into the room while bangtang stood with the girls and Jackson. When the police came down they pulled him aside.
“Sir, Officer Park, we entered the room, it seems that the suspect hand jumped from the balcony, we're sending out some officers to look for him.” The officer said flashing his badge. “Ms. L/N will need to be admitted into the hospital for the night but till he's found she is to not be left alone.” He nodded and went to go with the others. “We're going to secret agents around this area just in case he comes back, but y/n l/n can not be left alone.” Officer Park paused to listen to his walkie talkie. “ I just heard Ms.L/n, and two that accompanying her just arrived, she gonna be rushed into surgery and testing.” He finished up making the Namjoon, Jin, and Yoongi look at the guy with a death glare.
“What the fuck you mean that bastard got away! Did you not see what he did to her?” Jackson said in rage while the three guys made their way to the door.
“Jackson come on they'll find him, we gotta get to the hospital and be there for her when she wakes up.” Chanyeol said placing a hand on his shoulder as he walked him out the door.
Y/N Pov:
You were in a bright room, you were scared. When you heard someone whispering. You walked towards the a woman dressed in black. As you got closer you you could start to make out what she was saying “ if you don't wake up you die” she repeated over and over you started to back up as she got louder and suddenly stood and grabbed you. “YOU'RE DEAD YOU'RE DEAD YOU'RE DYING!”
"I don't want to die!" you cried as the woman dressed in black holds you.
Suddenly you scream out and you open your eyes. The room was blurry and you were cold. You could feel a warm hand grab your hand. "Y/n it's fine, I’m here. Calm down. You are at the hospital." It was Jackson you could recognize his voice anywhere. Then you hear Jin, Yoongi, Jimin Namjoon's voice. Your vision was coming back and you realized you were in a gown. A nurse walks in with a warm smile. "Wow you are awake. You have been out since yesterday now. When you fainted your friends were there to catch you before any further damage could be done. Jimin, Jin, Yoongi, and Chanyeol have been here for the whole time. Yoongi just left and Namjoon just arrived. Let's run some tests, just to make sure your all in shape." You touch your head and could feel some small stitches. You had a slight headache. But didn't care, you were safe.
“They'll take good care of you, and if your tests come out good, you're able to come home.” Chanyeol said standing on the other side of the bed holding your hand.
"You all will have to leave for me to run these tests, I'm sorry." The nurse says. Chanyeol kisses you on your forehead and smiles as he follows the others. "We’ll be in the waiting room."
You smile and nod as they left. You noticed Jackson left the room as soon as he saw Chanyeol lean in for the kiss. And then lady started to hook you up to some Machines that stopped your thinking.
Jackson’s Pov:
He saw Chanyeol lean down and anger grew, he knew he was only a friend to her, but he knew he had genuine feelings for her.
When Chanyeol came out of the room Jackson asked him if he could speak with him for a minute. He nodded and told the guys they were going in a walk.
“Glad she's ok, hu? She really is a fighter, she's the strongest girl I know.” “Chanyeol listen” Jackson cut him off, leaving it in an awkward slice for Amir minute as they turned the corner.
“I know you have feelings for y/n…..” Jackson trailed off while Chanyeol ran a hand through his hair. “And I do too, I have ever since she worked with me……” Jackson trailed off remembering that day.
Four Months Pryer:
She came in with the manager, she had something in her walk that was just different. She was beautiful nonetheless. And when she spoke her name was amazing. You two had made eye contact and just stood there till the manager cut off your thoughts.
“Mark you and Jackson will me teacher her some moves and give her a taste of what some of you techniques are, got it?” Jackson nodded and went back to a his starring.
“Sure just let me go get our sound track from the dorm.” Yes you'll be all alone with her.
He showed her the room and started to warm up and notice the warm ups she did were weak. He chuckled to himself.
“And what's so funny?” She said with such sass.
“Nothing just try warm ups like this oop-” when he tried to help her up she pulled him down.
“How about we switch then see” she said only a few inches away from his face. He grinned and made his deal. By the time Mark had gotten back they were both laughing on the floor due to the ‘girl’ like warm ups she made him do, which made him extremely tired.
“Look I'm sorry, but if you want me to not tell her, and not see her answer you're wrong.” Chanyeol said and stopped. And Jackson soon after.
“Excuse me?” Jackson said turning around with a grin think he wasn't hearing him right.