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I can't get anything to post....I don't know what to do....or why it's not working for me.
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can you do a test post for me that just says test, so I can see if it's just not showing up for you or if it's just not posting?
hey! I got a notification this .morning for number 24 on bts... but I forgot to clip it to read later, when I finally got the chance, it was gone. is that because of the update?
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yes sorry the scheduled card messing sorry again!
I don't think I really like it low key..... Does the tag list even work? I like on the old one that you can add a block and move it to where you wanted to without any issues. I was doing a new card with this new version and I forgot to write something so I had to delete all the blocks up to that block that I forgot to write something then add the pictures back.
same, I like it, but I don't like the issue everyone is having with it. I think the tag list does work, people have been getting tagged to the scheduled cards the weren't supposed to be posted yet, but it did. They still got a notification for it.
UPDATE: Will have to post pone fanfiction because of glitches and not being able to post
Update: Just got Smut Part 24 up for you guys to read. Enjoy!