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Hey Fam!

So the new update isn't working on my computer so I won't be able to post any cards today! LOL.
There is no publish and it won't let me save it as a draft or even schedule it for today (only tomorrow). I even tried that though it wouldn't work soooo yeah! LOL. Just know that I wasn't ditching you guys! ;)
Also, for my Hi Diary, It's Me readers I did update on my Wattpad so if you don't want to wait until (hopefully) tomorrow you can find it there! (I am just Lexxcisco there too!)
Thanks fam and see you soon!

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I'm having the same problem, so I feel ya
a year ago·Reply
I haven't been able to post since last night, and it's so frustrating.
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@SnBlackRose @JaxomB Yeah it sucks. I can't post anything. And using my phone takes a lot longer than my computer...I hope they fix it soon!! *dies*
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Yeah let's hope they get it soon! I post a lot too so I don't have time to do it on my phone as I barely have time anyways. Let's hope they fix it... for our sanity 😂😭😭
a year ago