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Hey Otakus!

Its Waifu Wednesday!! Todays Theme is High School! So pick a Wifey that still has to hit the books and make her your Waifu!❤

My Pick Is the Incredibly Smart yet Super Cute Yukino Yukinoshita!❤

Anime : My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU!

Who is Your Waifu Wednesday?!

Dont Forget to tag The Mod Crew! @AimeBolanos @AmazingAshley @OtakuDemon10

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@AimeBolanos omg best waifu pick 1000000/10 *still in the process of finishing SNAFU My Teen Romantic Comedy*
@biancadanica98 But you know what I think Ill do a card helping out on this new update
@coonsech I quite like your profile picture. Off topic, but still.
I wish I could see the pick, but it says it is time for an update. Then I do what it wants me to do but there isn't a new update available for me to download.
@BlackDragon88 @NeckoNecko Right! She is just sooo 😍😍😍
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