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Hey Otakus!

Like we have all slowly noticed is that the New Vingle Update has changed Card Viewing and Posting and I now that for some of you it just got more Complicated to Make Cards on Your Phone (Im sorry for Computer users Idk how it is for you guys but hopefully its the same as the phone) So I thought why not try to help by making a guide or a how to xD So Lets Go!

If you wish to add a Photo just press on the Camera on the Bottom Left Hand Corner and..

It will take you to all of your photos saved onto your phone from Newest to Oldest but..

If you are like me then press on All Photos and it will show you your photos but in the way you have them sorted out on your Phone.

If you want to type in between picture then press on the little white space in between them and it should...

Open up a space in between the pictures allowing you to type!

If you are like me and use the Typing Tools then its actually a lot simpler to use this time around xD If you just want to Bolden the words just Highlight what you want to Bolden and press on the big B

There is a NEW typing tool and now you can Italicize what you write by Highlighting the words you wish to italicize and simpy press on the slanted I

And last but not Least if you wish to Bolden and make the words bigger than the others just press on the Two T's (There is no need to highlight the words for this now!)

Once you are done with all the Pictures and Typing oress in the Next that is on the Upper Right Hand Corner

Once you press that it will take you to the Where would you like to post place xD Your Collections and Communities are all there so just click where goes where and then..

Once you have chosen all that is left to do is press on the Publish and BOOM your card is done!

I hope this helps anyone struggling with the New Update or Anyone scared to post because of it! (My phone is Android so I do not know how it is for IPhone Users but hopefully it is the same!)

Comment below if you have any further questions!

why cant we save drafts anymore... thats what pissing me off (excuse my 2nd language) but now if u put something and save it and when u go back its GONEEEE
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@kpopandkimchi Thats so weird 😂 but i do everything on mobile. im always in clinica and hospitals... so i do everything on phone 😞😣
It would appear for a lot of Apple device users (phone and computer) we can't post at all. From the app I cannot make a card. It won't let me publish at all. From the web it will publish but the card ends up blank. I've heard from a lot of other users that the case is similar for them. Here's to hoping Vingle gets things sorted quick.
@BBxGD I get what you're saying for some of my things it does save but actually when I saved this card it disappeared! I had to do it all over again I was pissed off too lol
Hello can someone tell me what the quotation marks are for?!
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That's okay. Thank you
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