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Peek a boo!

Hello my wonderful Bunny family. A while back before I went on a break I announced a few stories (most of which were Exo) and so far I believe I've only released One of the stories I said I'd drop, which was a Jay Park story called Stay with Me. Now I want to be a woman of my word but as I was recently distracted by ideas for Jay Park community fanfics I've decided to release two stories at a time. One for AOMG, one for Exo. Once I finished up with the two stories I'm currently working on which is Playmate Starring Ugly Duck and I'm (not) Sorry starring Simon Dominic. Here's your sneak peek of what's coming soon.

For the first time.

For the first time is another Duck story but it's a mini story. Have you ever heard the Script's song For the first time? If you have you'll have some idea of what this is about.
The story begins with Y/n (the reader) being married to Sun Ju Kyung for about five years. She strikes a deal with her husband in the attempt to re-spark the romance between them. What Ju Kyung is unaware of is that his wife is aware of the affair he's having behind her back. Y/n will do anything possible to save her marriage and her family because she hasn't given up hope and she's never stopped loving Ju Kyung.

Will you be...

Will you be is about a young figure skating champion Y/n (the reader) going to college on the side. Park Chanyeol the very adorkable shopaholic adores Y/n and her passion for figure skating the moment he sees her on the ice. (Have y'all seen Chanyeol react to Lay's lose control M/V okay he's just like that) The problem is Y/n is too focused on studies and figure skating to even notice Chanyeol's growing feelings for her let alone date him. Chanyeol goes through great lengths to get the girl.

The Twins

I'm Super excited about The Twins. This is me trying my hand a little more at the Thriller genre and Betrayal got some good likes. The twins follows Y/n (the reader) a part time waitress and student and her boyfriend Kim Jongin. Jongin decides to introduce Y/n to his twin brother Lee Taemin in the weirdest way, a three-way. What starts as a one time sex occasion soon turns into a weird obsession. Something's up with Taemin but Jongin won't believe you.


So Marked goes through some flashback moments but focuses on Y/n (the reader), who has moved on after a terrible violent relationship with Wu Yifan. Both Y/n and her son Jeonghan have the ability to see the future but due to Jeonghan's inability to completely describe what he sees, he draws out his visions leaving Y/n to interpret them when her visions go away. Despite having moved on, Y/n holds an un-eraseable mark on her that makes her and Jeonghan a target to one of Yifan's rival gangs. She must now go under the protection of Yifan's assassin for hire, Zhang Yixing. This is a mix between Thriller and romance.
Love you Bunnies Imma go pay attention to my lover now. Look forward to new stories ❀❀❀

That story with Chanyeol looks interesting. Can't wait to read it, and also take your time doing it. Try not to push yourself too hard πŸ˜†
thank you I will take my time with these stories.
β€β€β€πŸ’– Suepr excited to read your new stuff can't wait..remember to take breaks and not to over do it when writing (i know how hard it can get with wanting to publish everything on time) ❀❀😍
I'm glad your excited and thank you for sticking with me. I will make sure to take breaks as well thank you.❀❀😊😊