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So my two guesses are that I can't tell the first one. The second one is "Party Rock." I'm not exactly familiar with the English lyrics for 99.9% kpop songs I listen to... Anyway, I appologize for not posting the Day 4 card yesterday. I was actually distracted by homework.

The answers are... "You Are Special," and "Party Rock." Here is the first video and the second one is here.

FYI: As usual the videos are not mine.

Also, since Vingle updated it's format this card might look weird. If this card looks weird I apologise. I'm not sure if we're only aloud to link the videos onto the card, but that was the only way I could put the videos up. Once again I apologise for the format if it is inconvienient to you. If you are reading this please give me tips on how this new format works.


Signing off,

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Its ok. We understand. Its going to take us awhile to figure out the new layout