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Hello my fellow Topp Klass! It's Melissa, one of your Topp Dogg mod supporters. Today is Xero Wednesday. Xero is part of the Wizard Kingdom. Let's show some love and appreciation for our cutie Xero!
I found this cute video of Xero. You can tell he Really love us Top Klass.
Here is another video of cute and funny Xero moments.
I found this challenge on YouTube. I had to share with you all. Its Try not to fall in love Challenge. Here is Xero video. And yeah I totally failed. I'm thinking of posting all of Topp Dogg member challenge videos. So be on the look out for those. Well that's all for Xero Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed it.
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Xero! Cutie!
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@jjrockstar Isn't he! I'm falling for him big time. ❤
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