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Que tal mis Shikon Jewels!

Here is a little spam for you all. This will feature the ladies who I think are bosses. I love both Sango and Kikyo. They are smart, beautiful, and can hold it down!

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I know many people try to come for her, but obviously she the itch and people will remember her. She can hold her own and is very wise. People tend to forget her past and try to bash her. I mean how would you feel if you thought the person you loved killed you and then you found out he replaced you with some dumb girl who looked just like you?
She is not only beautiful but she can hold it down in battle!

If Inuyasha should be with anyone besides me...*cough cough* it should be her. That's his first love and he only finds that other attractive because she resembles Kikyo.


She is super bad ass. She would definitely be my bestie!

Sango can definitely hold it down and she knows her worth. She won't let any guy come along a steal her debbie cakes if you get my drift. She is the symbol of boss lady.

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@amobts omg thank you!! I love kikyo and I don't like kagome. i totally agree with you. It's completely unfair what happened to her and Inuyasha. they were meant to be. I just upsets me so much that kagome gets to have him instead. kikyo was cheated of her happiness.
Yasss finally someone who gets it!
me and kikyo had a love/hate relationship before I knew what really happened and now I respect her