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I think we’re all pretty used to love squares on Korean dramas and more often than not, even if the leads have two options, it’s usually a very solid line between them and a faint or a dotted line with the second leads. Even when the romance between the lead and second lead isn’t one sided, it’s pretty darn obvious they won’t be together because he or she never really loves that person. As a result, there isn’t much conflict regarding the love triangles. But Marry Him If You Dare appears to be taking the conflicts one step further. Instead of watching Mirae have internal conflicts and imagining a devil and an angel on opposite shoulders, we’ll actually see them as she battles with herself for her heart as both Miraes firmly want different guys. I wonder if future Mirae will constantly be dressed in black, looking like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. Then we see that both Kim Shin and Park Se Joo have pivotal moments with Na Mi Rae and Seo Yoo Kyung. As has been the trend lately, will we end this drama with two couples?
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Okay that look twisted just want to know whom ends up with up before I get heart broken