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The former secretary of state and first lady dominated last week’s new Quinnipiac University survey, which showed her gobbling up 61 percent of support and beating any Republican challenger — be it New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Kentucky U.S. Sen. Rand Paul or Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz — by anywhere from 13 to 23 points. But no one in the past five months has made a bigger jump as a potential presidential contender than Warren, according to pollsters. At 7 percent, she ranked third among Democrats, behind Clinton, of course — way behind — and Vice President Joe Biden, who sat at 11 percent. But in May, she was a non-starter, according to Quinnipiac pollsters, not even registering among Democrats and “Democrat leaners.” She then jumped the seven points in October — the biggest ascent of anyone in the poll, Democrat or Republican. A spokesman for the Cambridge Democrat didn’t respond to questions about the poll results. And, for anyone who tried calling Warren’s main office number since Tuesday, you’re not getting a live person — but more on that later.
hmmm, i like joe biden (myself) for president
i hope she wins
she's got nothing on hillary