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So with the new update it's not allowing me to update. Everything is also very confusing at the moment. So until further notice (aka until I figure things out, or until I can actually post a card with pictures and videos) GNMR will be on break! Hopefully everything with the update and all the bugs will be fixed by next week! I'm planning on continuing next Wednesday with the girl group that would've been posted today!

If things still aren't fixed then I'll make another post!
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Sadly the tags won't work either! So I cannot tag the GNMR taglist! I hope everyone sees this!
I sadly had the same issue trying to do a test post , and editing a card the new format messed up has now caused my blog to lose the subtitles it had and glitched out saying I posted it a few minutes after trying to edit it and not being able to post the edit when I know I posted it 4 weeks ago 😭