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This is a really popular thing to do nowadays, and basically they just play clips of songs and you should jump in a dance if you know the moves.

It looks super fun!

But now, watch at 2:55

And yes, everyone is dancing to 4minute and Mamamoo but POOR A PINK.

The girl's reaction was hilarious though...
I saw this on Facebook and I felt bad for her, but at least she wasn't the only one out there dancing to APink's song. Once everyone else jumped in to dance to "Fire" I just started laughing at her reaction.
yeah the contrast was INTENSE
First! OMG the reaction to Fire πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ out a this world who knew they could move that fast. lol okay now second. I feel so sad that not a lot of people were dancing to the girl groups, but I noticed people were dancing just not coming forward cuz there wasn't that many. it looked like a really fun activity ! 😁
I know this was like a while ago that I commented this before, but bts is so well known that they've become another Big Bang. like its not a bad thing, but personally for me I'm more than a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong I like bts as well, but I like 50 plus other groups as well. Seeing this just breaks my heart mainly because all those other groups work so hard in producing good music. I know it's a fighting chance that you get noticed but still.
I feel bad for all those boys groups, they all know a lot of BTS and not a lot of others like SVT, Got7 or EXO
yesss fam
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