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Hello everyone!!

I'm so sorry that I'm late on this!! I was planning to post this card yesterday, but Vingle was being a piece of crap (which, I'm pretty sure you already know) so I'm now a date late on these...

But hopefully, these beautiful pictures of Chanyeol in red will at least make up for some of it~

God, he is so hot in red!! Not as hot when he's wearing all black, but still!! God damn it!! Red is such a lustful color~ Cx

God, my heartu~ It hurts when I look at him. He's just so attractive....And the red just makes him even more attractive!!

Why must my heart hurt so much when I look at you, oppa? When I look at these pictures, I understand why I choose him as my bias. Even if I've been recently attacked by other idols who have been trying to take his place Dx

And can I just say something! Chanyeol in plaid makes my day!! I find guys wearing plaid to be so attractive!! Especially black and red!! Those colors are my life~

Please wear red more often, Chanyeol!! Even if the color makes me weak at my knees cX

I still haven't forgiven Vingle for updating...

I still have like fifty cards to make and I'm not even sure if I'll make them all since I'm not sure if I want to take any risks with Vingle screwing up my cards as they fix the bugs in the update....

I might even end up getting rid of this card, but that depends on if Vingle screws it up or not...Oh well, guess I'll find out soon enough :l

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I love the red on him. And don't give up! I will wait for you!