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Hello everyone!!

So for the first member introduction of Super Junior H I had to do my bias Yesung first, of course!! What kind of fan would I be if I didn't make a card for him first?

So let me introduce to you all the turtle loving, Yesung~ Isn't he a cutie??

*Sighs* I was suppose to post this card yesterday, buuuuuut Vingle was being a piece of crap, soooo ya....

That's why I'm posting this card today. I'm sorry that I wasn't as energetic on this card as I usually am, but I'm pretty pissed off at Vingle for messing up my cards so I'm not even really going to bother too much with them.

Also, since Vingle has been screwing with everything I have to make like a ton of cards since I won't be able to make any on Friday and Saturday so.... Now I get to make them all today!! Yay....

Anyway, I'm sorry for my rant so I'll just continue on. Please support Yesung by listening to his new song, Darling U, that was just released sometime this week!! So please check it out~

Also, he just starred in a new drama called, Voice (ONC). It's on DramaFever, and it sounds pretty interesting, so I reccomend checking it out!! I know I will be as soon as I can. I mean, we all need to support Yesung!!!

Alright, I'll see you all next Wednesday with an introduction of a different Super Junior H member, so please look forward to that~^^

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I really like the song 💙💙 haven't watched the drama yet but it's on my list
Hello! I'd like to be added to the list whenever you get the chance. Thank you
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Thank you!!
This boy. He's fighting Siwon for second place in my SuJu list.
Why is Yesung selfie game so strong???
I don't know but it is my favorite thing about most days
can I be added please?
We got you!!!