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@christy no negative words i am full of it thr is SOOOO muchhh i wanna do HAHA but life is sooo short haha one thing 4 sure i love ppl meeting ppl making friends as long as i am doing dat my life is full of pleasures don't worry chingu i will be fine just still have 2 find myself Hehes :-)♥
4 years ago·Reply
@saharhyunjoong good thinking chingu. me too I have a big dream that visit 20 country at least that one of great things I wanna do
4 years ago·Reply
@christy my dream is 2 travel all around the world make friends from everywhere around the world and get 2 c all those i blv world is thr for humans 2 explore and i blv we all might be unique in our own ways we might be all from dfrnt parts of the world in the end we are all the same we r all humans i WISHH i can do dat one day :-)♥
4 years ago·Reply
@saharhyunjoong let's do it and meet a lot at many countries.and collect the similarities between people s at different places and circumstances
4 years ago·Reply
@christy we shd Naaaa i would love 2 lets meet up one day 4 sure inshaallah ♥:-)
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