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Savior Rapmonster fic pt 3

Namjoon leaves and I'm alone in the room. I put on the clothes he gave me. It smells just like him. But why is he so happy to have stopped me from falling? How is he so confertable with me? I hear a knock on the door. I open it and immediately get smothered with V kissing me.

I push myself away and wipe my mouth. "wtf are you doing?!?!"

V walks toward me and pulls me closer. He has his hands on my waist. "Your so cute how come I didn't notice you before you came here? " he smirks and leans in for another kiss. I push him off and run towards the door but accidently run into Suga.

"Suga please stop him! " I hide behind him. Suga picks me up bridal style and brings me to the room. "Hey what are you doing?!? Let go of me! "

Suga throws me to the bed. V and Suga start to corner me on the bed. I kick them both where it hurts and run outside. I start crying. Luckily I know where Namjoon's studio is since he left a note earlier with the address on it. I finally get there and I run to the floor that he's on. I rush right into the room he's in.

"(y/n) is that you? What are you doing here it's 2 in the morning! You okay? " I have tears running down my cheeks. I immediately run into his lap and hug him. My tears won't stop

"Shh shh shh it's okay I'm here. What happened? " I hug him even tighter.
"Don't leave me alone! Please don't! " I cry even harder.

" I promise I wont. " he kisses the top of my head. He picks me up and lays me on the couch that's in the studio room. He was about to walk away but I grab his hand and pull him beside me.

"Don't go can u stay here till I fall asleep? " I hold onto his hand.

"Of course" he smiles at me and pets my hair.
what do you guys think? And then I'm sorry if my stories r sucky or all over the place I just broke up with my bf so I'm just trying to recover from that. Hope u enjoy this story ❤

you keep surprising me😲
aweee thank u!! ❤❤❤🌸
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