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Because I can.

So, I've been seeing these spam/testing the new system cards and I decided I should figure out how to do all the cool things.
Plus, Daesung is awesome, but I might be a bit bias. ^U^
So Cute and Handsome!
I love this coat. ♡
I honestly have no clue why I saved a picture of Daesung drinking water... other than it's Daesung drinking water.
I collect ALOT of pictures of him performing.
Opps! An Instagram screenshot. Still love it though.
Yep. I stan this goofball so much. ♡♡♡
This face.
This face.
This face.
And this face are my favorite faces because they all belong to Daesung.
What I learned:
Can't really remove an image after you've added it.
If you go to add more images, it doesn't show you what images you've already added.
I've just added 30+ images without thinking to hard about it. LOL

I don't have a tag list. :p
I can't imagine my life without him he means the world to me I love him so much
YES!!! he is SUPER SEXY!!!!