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The Wonder Girls are breaking up 😭😭

I'm crying!!!! I can't believe that they're actually breaking up. I mean, I think we all felt it coming, but I really hoped that they would stay together. All of the girl groups that I was into when I first discovered kpop are breaking up and it's seriously breaking my heart.

Over the past few years my love for the Wonder Girls has died down, but they are such an iconic kpop group, so it's hard knowing that the single that's coming out on 2/10 will be their last...

I'll save my official goodbye to the group for when their final song is released, but my goodness... my heart can't take the fact that so many groups that I liked are breaking up.

Here's what the members were saying in the video:
Yeeun: “It’s already been 10 years since we’ve been together. All the moments that we laughed, cried, and were happy and sad together went by like a kaleidoscope. Thank you for giving us memories that we’ll take with us forever.”
Sunmi: “A lot of things happened during these 10 years. To all the fans that supported us, trusted us, and waited for us… my heart aches, giving you sad news. I’m sorry, and thank you.”
Yubin: “To Wonderful, with your never ending support and trust, Wonder Girls was so loved for 10 years. Always, with thanks, I will treasure all of our moments together.”
Hyerim: “Whenever you start to miss us, I hope that our songs, filled with memories, will be of comfort to you. Though it may be hard now, we’ll do our best to become a source of strength to you.”
All: “Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. We were so happy. Those days were like a dream. Remember us… We are Wonder Girls.”
my heart ❤😢 Jyp better not touch miss a or 2pm
@imiebegay14 we can't lose the other three of miss a ><
It really bugs me how the girls trained really hard to learn how to play their instruments and become the band that they currently are, only to break up after putting out (only) two albums.
like all that training and anticipation wasted and now I'm sad that three groups have disbanded this year (ioi, wonder girls and I know 2ne1 already disbanded since last year but released a farewell song)
Exactly! It's such a shame how ioi was only active for a year. I wasn't a fan, but I have to admit that they worked really well as a group. As for 2ne1, I'm still holding onto that sliver of hope that YG gave us about them one day getting back together. I really hope that there aren't any more groups that are going to break up this year...
I know 😭😭