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Uhmmm...so yeah EXO IS COMING BACK!!!!
I don't know whether to spazz out or be worried that they don't have time to rest *sighhhhh*
So yeah this was posted like a week ago and EXO is having a summer comeback!!! R.I.P wallet...
And to top it off many think its going to be pathcode 2.0!!! Honestly I don't know how I feel about that cause I still don't understand the first pathcode...I hope the don't troll us like what they did with Call Me Baby (Don't get me wrong CMB is a good song...but I still think the title song should have been Exodus...)


How are you guys feeling about the Vingle update??? If you had asked me yesterday I would have said I like it but....I've been trying to post cards since yesterday and none of them show up!!! And the pictures one below the other make the card reallllly long *sigh* I guess it takes some time to get used to it....
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I still haven't tried the new update yet, but from what I've seen some people are still struggling with posting cards. I guess it all depends om the phone you have. But other then that, I'm excited about seeing them having a comeback. I can just go on ahead, buy me a coffin and say goodbye to my money for the next few months 😂😂
Why is it every time I get money somebody having a damn comeback. Can I keep money just for a little bit. they must know I'm a shopaholic
@BabydollBre They want us to be broke
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Now if it's a concert, I'm dead!!!
I'm still trying to get used to the new update but I'm glad they put italics in the Mobile App now
Wah!!!! I'm not ready!!!!! And we have to wait till the summer!!? DX DX DX DX And not another pathcode teasers!! I loved them since they were so interesting and unique!! But they were so freaking confusing and they gave me super bad vibes!!!! Yet, deep in my heart, I want them to make more of them....xD And I really really dislike the new update....I have not been able to post cards at all!! And I think the update ended up ruining one of my drafted cards that I had worked really hard on.....>.>