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today I woke up with the news that Wonder Girls have officially disbanded.
After ten years, Wonder Girls have officially called it quits. Earlier today (January 26), JYP Entertainment released the information on this matter. [Translated by Koreaboo]

" We are here to announce the disbandment of the group that has been always with us for the last ten years, Wonder Girls. The members have talked amongst themselves and with the company for a long time and the [girls] decided to disband. Yubin and Hyelim have renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment and will continue their activities in music and acting as well as other fields. Yeeun and Sunmi have decided to pave a new path for themselves and have regretfully decided to leave the company. As a thanks to all the fans who have been with them for 10 years, they have decided to release their last digital single on their 10th year anniversary, February 10th. We would like to thank the fans of Wonder Girls all over the world who stuck by Wonder Girls in their 10 year-long journey, and promise to help and support both the members who are leaving and staying to help make their future better. Thank You."
I am honestly very saddened by this news... but I understand and support their decision. My tears and I will be looking forward to their last single.
i cannot believe all these girl groups that have been the foundation of kpop being big internationally is slowly disappearing:/
At least we're getting a goodbye single 😢
Honestly I saw this coming but I was hoping it wouldn't happen.....
I'm going to be sad for the rest of the day about their disbandment
You're not alone in that :(
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