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Que tal peeps!
This is sloppy but forgive me. 100 idols voted to place each other in ramdom categories like best singer, best dancer, best body etc.

Personally I didn't agree with most results. WHAT DO U THINK? COMMENT BELOW!

@amobts love Namjoon but Yoongi too. also Jimin and Hobi definitely for best dancer. kookie is amazing too but if I had to choose one I'd choose Jimin first
I'm sad that no one from BTOB made the best singer list...or MinHyuk for best body (sigh). Changsub and Eunkwang are amazing vocalists.
@SimplyAwkward @BabydollBre for dancing i feel like Hobi and or Jimin should have been up there. What about best idol rapper? Namjoon hands down!
I feel like Suho and Lay should've been on best male body for Exo. Kai I understand stand and Sehun isn't bad either. xiumin was correct cause OMG. but I feel Lay should've been up there along with Suho
I like how BTOB as a whole was the funniest idol lmao. 😂😂they definitely deserve it though
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