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BTS (Suga Part 6 (Final Part)):

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Suga's POV:
“Well, I wish I could have missed the dog, but I’m okay…” she had her hand on my face and gave me a peck on my lips. “I won’t ever leave you again, okay?” I had missed (Y/n) smile, her kiss and her touch. “Besides, he’s probably in doggie heaven right now...” I replied jokingly. I held her tightly, like I did before everything happened. I wanted to hold her to me and never let her go ever again. I was afraid of losing her… that night of the accident, I was so worried and they wouldn’t let me see her. She had gotten a minor concussion from hitting her head on the steering wheel at the impact with the light pole as she was trying to avoid the dog in the street. They hadn’t told me anything while I sat in the hospital wing alone, they only let Angel in because she is her manager. I thought I was never going to see her. They had her stay in the hospital for a week of observation. I cancelled everything for a week to be by her side when I was allowed to see her.

Soon, word got out about us dating along with rumors of the break up, etc. I got a scolding from our boss, but I didn’t care. He eventually gave up on trying to hide it and allowed it to spread. I was too worried about her to even eat… of course when she finally saw me she scolded me for not eating. The company had a burial for the dog in (Y/n) honor since she wasn’t able to attend the service herself because she was in the hospital. “If you feel bad in anyway… you need to let me know,” I said as we walked back to our cars. Of course, she wasn’t driving, Angel was in the front seat wait for her. She smiled. “Well, my lips hurt…” “What? Why?” I panicked a bit then realized what she was doing when she started to giggle. “Will a kiss make it better?” I predicted. She smiled and planted one on me. “Um… the still hurt still…” this time I pulled her close and kissed her. Her arms tangled themselves around my neck. I pulled away slightly and said “I love you. Please, don’t ever leave me again…” “I won’t as long as I can help it…” She grinned again and kissed me again.

*a few years later*
“Hyun-soo! Hye-Jin! Stop running in the house!” I screamed at the kids as I started dinner. I heard them giggle in the back of the house. I couldn’t help, but to smile and shake my head. “I’m home!” I heard Yoongi come in the front door. “Appa!” the children came running from the back to greet him. “Are you behaving for Eomma?” I heard him ask. They both giggle. “Is that a no?!” I couldn’t help, but to laugh that their exchange. “Where’s Eomma?” Soon, I saw the children dragging him into the kitchen by his hands. “Welcome home,” I went to hug him. Even though we still work in the same company, we still didn’t get to see each other all day.
I give him a long kiss and hear a collective “eeeeewwwwwww!” from the kids. I couldn’t help, but to laugh. “Yaaahhh! You little rascals! I can kiss Eomma all I want!” he said to them playfully. They run off giggling to the back of the house again. He chuckled ag the kids scrambling off to go play. “Now, where was I?” “Umm,” I said putting my finger on my chin as if I was thinking. “I think you were kissing me…” “Oh, was I?” I nodded. With a chuckle, he kissed me again, lulling me towards him more. “I missed you today…” he put his forehead against mine. “I missed you more…” I laughed. “No, I did…” I said kissing him, so I could win our banter. “You’re such a cheater…” he pauses. “But I’ll let it slide this time.” He kisses me again.

After we all ate dinner together, he helped me put the kids to bed and we eventually sunk into our own bed. For a while we laid there staring at each other. He played with a chuck of my hair. “I love you…” “I love you, too.” He looks at me with seriousness in his eyes. “Are you happy?” I blinked, kind of confused by his sudden question. I looked him in the eyes. “Of course, I am!” I paused. “Are you?” I could hear my voice go weak toward the end of my question. “Yes, of course, you have no idea how happy I am…” he trailed off and hugged me to his chest. “Well, don’t worry me like that!” I said pushing his shoulders away from me. I thought about telling him my news, but I had a question of my own. “What do you think about… extending the family?” “Where is, this coming from?” he asked curiously.

“You know how I went to the doctors to get a checkup?” “Yeah?” his face went from confused to thinking to suddenly realization. “Wait!” he looked excited. “Are you pregnant?” I nodded and couldn’t help to laugh at his excitement. “Are you really?!” “Shhh, calm down! You’re going to wake the kids!” he sat up in bed. “How can I? We’re having a kid!” I couldn’t help, but to laugh even harder at his reaction. “What are you laughing at me?! Brat, how long were you going to keep this from me?! Huh?!” he had practically tackled me. “They just called me today about the blood work they did…” “and you wait to tell me when I got home? And why did you even need to ask me that question?” he paused. “I want a hundred kids with you, maybe a thousand!” “I don’t think that’s physically possible, but it’s good to know.” He kissed me again and again. He stops to look at me again. “I love you…” “I love you more…”


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