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Hello Hello everyone!! This week is performance week and I couldn't decide since there are many that are really good~! Let's get started.

I loved Woohyun’s voice and how beautiful it is. Another thing is he didn't have his earpiece in for the whole performance.

Woohyun performance is amazing here. It sent me with tears because to me it was so emotionally beautiful.

This as before has made me cry because his emotions are strong in this song.


I love all their voices!!

Until next time!!
Omg! I love woohyuns voice
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It's so beautiful <3 <3 <3
a year ago
I thought I was going to die when I found out Woohyun was finally going to make his solo debut. I love listening to his album!!
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He waited so long, but omg his voice and his solo album are beautiful and amazing! I'm happy he did come out with it ^^
a year ago