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Hello everyone! My name is Taya...this is my first oneshot here on Vingle so we'll see how this goes. ㅋㅋㅋ Hopefully everything works out...

Avery Rose-Korean name 김다빈(Kim Dabean)-Main character. 18.

Just an FYI this oneshot is taking place back in summer of 2013...before Kris, Luhan, and Tao left EXO. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Excuse me while I go cry....#stillnotoverit
Avery's outfit
Also another random side note....I hate romanization with a burning passion...I'll do it...but I'd much rather write in Korean...ㅋㅋㅋ just thought I'd let you know that. ^^ Also I wrote half of this in Korean...so if the English sounds awkard it's cause I had a brain fart on what would seem normal to say in English...that quite sad seeing as I am American and yet sometimes I really can't English ㅋㅋㅋ


"Oppas!" I yelled as I entered the EXO dorms, "Are you ready? We need to go!"
"5 minutes!" I heard a voice yell back, Baekhyun. I groaned and flopped onto the couch. They should be ashamed that I was ready before them.
"I'm ready," A deep voice chuckled. I looked up to see Kris coming over to me. My heart skipped a beat as he sat down next to me and draped an arm around my shoulders. Does he have any idea what he's doing to me?
"Mmm, good," I smiled, snuggling into Kris. He pulled me tighter against him and I felt his lips brush against my hair. He began to run his fingers through my hair, humming absentmindedly.
I sighed internally. Why do I do this to myself? I know he doesn't like me like that and yet, I always set myself up to be disappointed. Sure he was acting sweet now but it's only a matter of time before he says or does something that makes it clear he's not interested. I made to move away but Kris pulled me back before I could get very far.
"Excuse me, I was cuddling with you," Kris whispered in my ear in English, sending shivers down my spine.
"My bad," I replied, rolling my eyes and patting his thigh.
"READY!" A voice screamed, making me jump. Chanyeol came tearing down the hall and into the living room. He dashed over to me, pulling me off the couch and into a crushing hug.
"Can't breathe," I gasped, causing Chanyeol to let me go.
"Mian," He grinned cheekily, ruffling my hair.
"Oppa!" I whined, swatting his hand away and running my own through my hair.
"Ooh got someone to impress do we?" Chanyeol asked, his eyes twinkling with mischief.
"Heor," I frowned, "Oppa you already know!"
"I know," Chanyeol chuckled.
"Wait," Kris interrupted, "You like someone?"
"Oh...um...yeah," I finally replied.
"Who?" Kris asked, an emotion crossing his face that I couldn't place. If it didn't seem so crazy I'd say he was jealous.
"Hyung, it's a secret," Chanyeol inputted, shaking his head at Kris.
"What? Then why do you know?" Kris frowned.
"Because I can read minds," Chanyeol grinned.
"Yeah, or my text messages," I grumbled.
"Do the other boys know?" Kris asked, still frowning.
"Unless Chanyeol oppa told them, then no," I shook my head.
"I didn't tell anyone," Chanyeol raised his hands in defense as Kris glared in accusation at him.
“Whatever,” I shrugged. I turned and walked down the hall, opening the door into Jongin and Kyungsoo’s room. Kyungsoo looked up from the suitcase he was packing and smiled.
“Where is Jongin oppa?” I asked, my eyes searching the room for my best friend.
“Here,” Jongin called, stepping out of the closet. He took one look at my face and could tell something was up. Jongin crossed the room in a second and pulled me into a hug, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” I lied, my voice muffled by his chest.
“Liar,” Jongin whispered, “Seriously, talk.”
“Well,” I started, “It’s just hard…things with Kris oppa.”
Yeah, remember when I said only Chanyeol knew? I lied. Jongin knows too. And Kyungsoo now that I think about it, but that’s it. I just didn’t want Kris to feel upset or hunt down these two for information.
“Ah,” Jongin spoke, his arms tightening around me. I felt him place a kiss on my head before resting his chin there. Luckily for him I’m just short enough for him to do that…all the time. Jongin’s fingers trailed up and down my back in random, gentle patterns
“Oppa?” I paused, unsure.
“Hmm?” Jongin’s voice hummed in my ear.
“Do you think…is it possible…that Kris oppa…likes me?” I asked, burying my blushing face deeper into Jongin’s chest. I felt his chest rumble as he chuckled then spoke.
“Honestly, yes, I think he does,” Jongin replied.
“Really?” I asked, finally puling my face out of Jongin’s chest and looking into his deep brown eyes. They were full of light as they crinkled at the sides due to the smile stretched across his lips.
“I really do,” Jongin nodded, “Don’t you think so hyung?”
“Oh for sure,” Kyungsoo nodded, “He never shuts up about you. He adores you.”
“So does Jongin oppa, that doesn’t mean he likes me,” I grumbled.
“Mm, who doesn’t adore you?” Jongin agreed, rotating me so my back was against his chest, his arms wrapped around my waist and his chin resting on my head again, “But that’s not what hyung meant.”
“Yeah,” Kyungsoo nodded, “He likes you in a very different way than the rest of us do. Honestly whenever you’re around he can’t take his eyes off you. And when you’re not here, he’s talking about you and waiting for the next time you come.”
“Hajima,” I groaned, “You’re gonna get my hopes up.”
“They should be,” Jongin interjected, “I promise he really does like you. You’ll see.”
“Are you guys ready?” Suho asked, coming into the room.
“Yep!” Both Jongin and Kyungsoo said simultaneously.
“Alright, let’s go then,” Suho grinned. The boys grabbed their stuff and we followed Suho out into the living room.
“Ok,” Kris clapped his hands together, “Is everyone ready to go?”
“Yes!” We all agreed.
“Then let’s pack and go,” Kris announced. I moved to grab my suitcase from where I left it but Kris already had it in his hand, a triumphant smile on his face.
“Oppa,” I frowned slightly, “I can do it.”
“I know,” Kris shrugged, “I can do it too.”
“Ok,” I shook my head, laughing. I followed everyone out to the giant van they rented. I managed to grab the cooler of snacks for the drive without anyone getting after me. I placed it in a spot that was easily accessible to us while driving. Within a few minutes everything else was packed and we all climbed in. Kris was driving and Xiumin was in the passenger seat as the official navigator. The rest of us piled in the back, a messy tangle of limbs as everyone squished together to fit. I was wedged between Jongin and Sehun, my legs were intertwined with Jongin’s in a way I didn’t even know was possible and yet…it was strangely comfortable. At least for me. Jongin draped an arm around my shoulders, pulling me in closer to him. I rested my head on his shoulder and took his other hand in mine, comparing sizes. I still can’t get over how big his hand is compared to mine.
“You are so stinking small,” Jongin chuckled in my ear, it was like he could read my thoughts, “Honestly, you’re the size of a 12-year-old.”
“Am not,” I gasped, smacking Jongin’s chest lightly.
“Ok, ok, 14,” Jongin laughed.
“What does that say about you?” I retorted, “I’m only a head shorter than you.”
“Oh she’s got you there,” Chen chuckled.
“Ok fine,” Jongin groaned, “But she is still tiny. I mean look at her hands compared to mine.”
“Maybe she’s just normal sized and you’re abnormally large,” Kris suggested.
“Oh you’re one to talk,” I snickered, “You’re a giant.”
“Hey now,” Kris defended.
“Don’t worry, I think it’s cute,” I grinned, untangling myself from Jongin so I could lean forward and kiss Kris’ cheek.
“A giant and a midget,” Xiumin mused, “Cute.”
“I am not a midget!” I yelled, hitting Xiumin’s arm, “5’6” is a perfectly normal height.”
“It’s a perfect height for me,” Kris commented, glancing at me through the rearview mirror.
“Well I’m glad someone likes me as I am,” I grumbled jokingly.
“I like you,” Jongin cheered, leaning forward and pulling me back to sit down next to him.
“Thank heavens for that,” I replied sarcastically. I cuddled back up to Jongin and closed my eyes. This was going to be a long road trip, might as well sleep a bit.

So that's it for part one! I'm working on part two now...though to be honest...I'll probaby have that done and posted before this gets seen ㅋㅋㅋ anyways...we'll see how this goes..
사랑해!! ❤❤
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