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My heart is full of words, Words, that I've not spoken, Endlessly, I think and pile up the words to say to you, But, all these conversations are wandering, keeping heavens in view, In my dreams, we talk, we kiss, and we dance, We go to a place, where there's no secrets, only sharing our glances, I extend my arm to play with your soft hair, And you blush as we dance with so care, I hold you so softly that I don't hurt you, And you grasp me, smiling, giving me the clue, Then, I muster my heart, and sing you our song, We dance together, held hand in hand, swaying along, Eyes glued to eyes, piercing through other's heart, Our lips met, as if it's a piece of art, Heavens send their regards from above, And bliss is scattered in our paths, On which, we walk together like king and queen, Roses red under our feets, we watch all the scenes, Your hand in mine, Suddenly, you despair in time, You flew with the winds, and swam with the oceans, Nowhere to be found, even angels' prayers went in vain, I searched for you, but, in my heart, you resided, You lived there, talking to the words left unspoken, You, were all my imagination, giving me, hope, love, and warmth, I hugged the air, kissed the oceans, joined the hands of angels, And closed my eyes, let my heart out, As it unwound the deepest of the route, I walked, within winds, I swam, within oceans, Holding onto my heart, my emotions, I longed, I felt you, even though you never existed, I felt, I loved you, even though we never existed.
this got me I can whole heartedly relate, only difference is that the truth can turn a red rose into blue ps if I got the message from this I'm sorry.
truth can be very harsh. but it's important. many times people just pile up their thoughts and words without letting them out and converting the truth into pseudo truth.
😭😭😭😭why does this explain me so much in so many leves in my relationship 😔
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a complicated relationship not into it but thats how it is