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Hello everyone!!

So Pentagon recently released a new MV to go along it their comeback, and it's soooooo cute!! I'm not sure yet if I like the song, but the whole MV is adorable~!!

So for Yeo One and Shinwon Friday I decided to make a card about them while also using the new MV.

So my question to you is: Do you know the Pentagon members well enough that you're able to spot Yeo One and Shinwon?

This isn't a hard game at all since they're pretty (pretty) easy to spot, especially one of the members *wink wink*

If you haven't watched this MV yet then do it~ It's beautiful cX

So please write down in the comments all the times that Yeo One and Shinwon appear in the MV.

Also, if you want, you can make a card with screenshots of every moment that the two of them appear, instead.

Whatever works best for you~

Good luck to all of you Pentagon stans, but especially good luck to all of you who are still getting into Pentagon~!! But even if this is hard for you, I hope this is at least one helpful way to learn who's who in the group ^-^

See you all next Friday~

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Okayiloterally stopped counting ten seconds in because I was watching the video and concentrating...smh
Haha, well at least you tried cX
Yeo one is literally one of the main characters in the video, but I'll count....
I like the video.
It's a cute video, right? c: