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Hello everyone!!

It's not actually Sunggu's birthday, it was on the 21at (KST) or 22th (America's time), but I decided to post about him on my day instead since I didn't have time on his actual birthday;;

So please enjoy these beautiful gifs and pictures of the beautiful leader of High4!!

Also, if you haven't noticed, I'll be only posting 20 pictures and 5 gifs per Birthday card I make from now on (instead of what I use to do: 30 pictures and 10 gifs) just becuase it was too many and now this new update is ten times longer since now they're not stacked.

Bam!! You're daily dose of Sunggu spam ^-^ I hope you enjoyed~

To be honest, I'm still learning who's who in the High4 group, but I should figure them out soon since there's only 4 members. But I have watched a couple of their MVs and I will admit, Sunggu looks fine in "Headache" with his beanie!! Like hot damn!!

Haha, even if I don't know their personalities all that well I do know that it must be hard for Sunggu since he is the leader of the group. And we all know how kpop groups are....xD So I wish him the utmost luck out there!!

Anyway, even if I don't know him that well yet, I can still honestly say that I love Sunggu, and I hope he had an amazing birthday!! I hope High4 becomes more popular and I will work hard to make sure that that happens and I also wish Sunggu a lot of luck for himself and the rest of High4. I hope you all also have an amazing day today, as well as on his birthday C: We love you so much Sunggu!! Happy birthday!!!! Stay healthy and fighting!

See you all on Friday~

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Happy birthday!