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It's been 5 years since these 6 wonderful, handsome, and talented human beings debuted. They have been through so much and I am so proud to call myself apart of the BABY fandom.
To our tall baby Zelo, my gosh I can't believe how much you've grown in these past 5 years! You're so talented and we Babies love you so much! As the maknae of the group you've made us really proud! ❤
To Daehyunnie, my bias wrecker, you are so talented and your vocals are so powerful that I get the chills every time I hear you sing. I'm so proud of you!
To Himchannie, thank you for doing such a great job as the leader while Yongguk is recovering. You've been doing a great job of that and I am so proud of you!
To my bias and BAP's adorable leader, I hope that you come back to us stronger than ever because we (BABIES) miss you so much!
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The reason why I didn't do any individual thought to the other members is because the app is still acting wacky.