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This is an OC that I drew using GIMP, an image-processing software similar to Photoshop.

**PLEASE DON'T STEAL! It has my signature!

Fandom: Steven Universe (SU)
Name: Onyx
Species: Gem
Age: Unknown
Backstory: Onyx is a homeworld Gem that is very very rare due to thier secret status and special job on homeworld. Onyx is a spy gem that belongs to and reports to only thier respective diamonds, although they were all made by Black Diamond. An Onyx's job is to look for and gather information secretly on any potential rebel gems to thier Diamond, including other Diamonds. However, Onyx is a quadruple agent, that works for each and every one of the Diamonds. So, even though each Diamond believes that they each have thier own Onyx, there is only one Onyx in existence. Due to the nature of thier job, Onyx can easily keep track of and remember vast amounts of data without relying on trackable technology. However, she is also very paranoid and untrusting, able to backstab anyone after giving them a false sense of trust. Her special power is cloaking, being able to render herself completely invisible and untraceable by any means.

it's depressing, noticeably not charismatic, and visually displeasing in every sense😊
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just like you!!!!
Geez, thanks! 😅😂
I like it. I want to make one of my OC Jade. A fusion of Peridot and Pearl.
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Our Peridot and Pearl
why thank you for bringing back from the ashes to find such a wonderfully drawn Onyx xD lol
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@superjkob Yes, totally. A space pirate. 😂 "Arg, keep your lasers off my booty or I'll board your starship and make you walk the airlock!"
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