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I seriously don't know how to make this thing work anymore. It shows fine on desktop but in mobile doesn't download and keeps kicking me out of the app. I may have to remove the updated Vingle version. Let me know if you guys are having the same problem? πŸ˜“ @Elena166 @chinabarrier16 @SkyBlast @TaraJenner @Kira9404 @Luna1171 @Anime4life20 @SaraHanna @Selfishmachines @midnighter12 @raenel @TracyLynn @JacksonWangxme @Eli20 @dchapple45 @Lexxcisco @LittleJiminie @Jaysbae13 @AyleenChavez @KwonOfAKind @SatinSkies @KristinaCaron @ArtCrazy @EvodiaEbraheem
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Mine too is lucky I got on this card
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This new update sucks for Iphone users. I'll look on youtube if there's a way to go back to the previous version. I may have to do that.
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I have an iPhone it the app update isn't working.
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I know me too. It's just giving headaches πŸ˜“.
10 months ago