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Anime : Yone of the Dawn❀

OMG this anime is life. I love i sooo much.I really hope and wish they will make a season 2, but they probably wont
@Nana40 Its about a Princess named Yona who's life changes dramatically from living in a Castle to hiding and fighting for her life. She needs help to defend her Fathers Kingdom and well its hers too lol so with the help of Hak (the guy in the gifs) and the 4 Dragon Blood Warriors she fights back to help take back and save her country... (I need a season 2 tbh but it's a really good Anime i 100% recommend it)
sound interesting ill watch then. Thanks @AimeBolanos
I need a second season! And more Manga! This is up there in my top two favorite anime. Right up there with Inuyasha. Then the rest follow close behind. Lol
@alicedragneel I want them to make a second season too😭
Yaaas I need me a Hak!!! It's funny I'm actually rewatching this anime and I wish there was a second season as well!
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