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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok What: Smut & Angst Readers 18+ only Story: He liked to party and you were okay with that until you started to feel like his burden rather than his prize. (Inspired by Dean's song I'm not sorry)

Y/n's POV You walked into the house seeing Hakyeon on the couch. He turned around to see you. "Hey how was the baby shower?" He said. "How can you even ask me a question like that when you did what you did?" "Yeah sorry about that. He was hysterical that he'd lost you. He wanted to talk to you." "After I had worked up all that energy to break up with him?" You said. "He said he loved you." "Jihoon did too." "He's not Jihoon. You could see it in his eyes Y/n. You couldn't in Jihoon's." Hakyeon said. You smiled, "Fortunately for you everything turned out well." "So you two are back together?" "Yeah in a way." "Are you moving back in with him?" He asked. "No, we've Um- decided to start over form the beginning. We're gonna wipe the slate clean and try and do this right." "How mature of you." He teased. You stuck your tongue out at him. All the events of tonight had you sleepy so you said goodnight and walked into your room. Whatever was in store for you tomorrow you only hoped would be good news... The morning came and you woke up to Kiseok having sent you a text with a picture of his bed. He was in the picture and the text said, Candyman: You could've slept right next to me. You laughed and texted him back. You: I was comfortable in my bed but thanks for letting me know. One day you'll have to let me stay over. You set your phone down for a second and pulled the covers off of you so you could get up for work. Your phone buzzed again and you looked back. Was he just waiting around for you to text back? Candyman: I'll probably have to buy you dinner first. You don't seem like the type to give it away so easily. You laughed again. You: Yeah you're right. Dinner and a massage might coax me in though. Candyman: How about tonight? You were about to respond when Ae-cha walked up to your room door. You looked up surprised and said, "Ae-cha." "Hey Y/n. I heard you moved back in." "Yeah. I hope that's okay." You said. "Of course. I didn't really want you to go anyway." She said. "Really, it seemed like you didn't want to be around me anymore." She nodded, "I didn't but that was for an entirely different reason. I just- I've missed my best friend." She said. She looked on the verge of tears. Her hands were on her stomach then came to wipe her face. You stepped up to her and gave her a hug. She hugged you back tightly while crying. "Ae-cha what's going on?" You asked. Something felt different about her. "Promise me you won't hate me." She sniffed. You laughed and pulled her over to your bed to sit. You gave her a tissue and sat down next to her. "I won't hate you silly. Now what's going on?" You said. "I'm- I'm pregnant." She said before she bit her lip. You took in a deep breath and your eyes widened. That's what was different. When you hugged her, her belly kind of poked into you. You thought that was odd but you didn't realize it was a baby belly. Your hand went to her stomach just to make sure and you did notice the difference. You looked up at her tearing up yourself. She wouldn't look at you. "Why? How long? Why didn't you tell me?" You asked in disbelief. "I wanted to but I thought you'd hate me because I knew how much you wanted kids and everything going on with Kiseok." "Ae-cha I'm your friend no matter what is going on in my love life I'd stay by your side. How far along are?" you said. "Almost five months." She said. She was still kind of small, lucky her. You rubbed her belly willing yourself not to cry more. You did want a baby and you were so sick of seeing people around you having one but you couldn't ever hate her for having a baby. You couldn't ever hate your brother for having his son. Their lives were progressing at an alarmingly fast rate meanwhile you were starting over. You sighed, she was five months meaning she'd already been pregnant for a good month before you moved in with Kiseok. "Who's the father? Do you know?" You asked. She nodded. "It's Seonghwa." "Wait what?" You said shocked. "You were spending a lot of time with Kiseok and Hakyeon was working. I was bored and had been having a bad week so I called Seonghwa to see if he wanted to hang out." "You have his number?" "Yeah he gave it to me the night we met. He told me to call him if I ever wanted to do it again. I wasn't going to take him up on the offer but I didn't feel like going to a bar and hitting on random guys. I just wanted a little attention and a stress reliever. I know it's his because the dates add up. We didn't even use a condom." She said. You sighed Seonghwa didn't tell you about shacking up with your best friend. He probably thought it was none of your business. Perhaps it wasn't but it seemed like he was always in your business. He kept telling you to leave Kiseok. Everyone did but he was the one most persistent and then he went and pulled this stunt. "Have you told him?" You asked. "No and I don't think I will." "Are you going to keep it?" You asked. "I don't think so, I was thinking about adoption." She said. You sighed you were a little disappointed. "Ae-cha- you need to tell him. If you're right, and he's the father he deserves to know." "He's an idol, do you know how bad a baby could be for him?" Ae-Cha argued. "Ae-cha he's still a person. Idols are people first and this is his baby he should know. Think about it, years from now if your child comes to find you and their father, think about how devastating it would be to know your father never knew you existed. Think about how angry you were at your mother for never telling you that. All the years you spent hating him and he didn't even know she was pregnant. You can't do that to your baby, you'll be no better than your mother. You know I'm right about this." You said. She nodded and continued to wipe her eyes. You cupped her face and kissed her forehead. "Do you want me to come with you when you tell him?" You asked. "Oh my god yes." She hugged you. You laughed as you patted her back. "What would I do without you and your responsible ass?" Ae-cha muttered. You laughed, "You'll never be without me so we'll never have to find out. " you said. "You have to get ready for work." She said. You let her go and nodded. You did have to get ready to go but you didn't want to leave her alone. You also didn't want her to give up the baby but it was her choice and you couldn't argue against her. The only thing you could do was make sure Seonghwa got his choice. You didn't ask her to leave, you rarely did when you got dressed. The way you two saw it, you were both girls and you saw the parts, you knew what they looked like so you didn't care if you undressed in front of each other. While you got dressed, Ae-cha asked about you and Kiseok. Last she knew you were breaking up with him. She wasn't surprised to hear that you stayed with him. She said she knew how deeply you'd fallen in love with him which was why you even put up with the push and pull relationship. You talked to her about Jihoon showing up at your job two other times and he still didn't seem to get the hint. You didn't want him back even if Kiseok didn't work out, even if he fucked up again you didn't want him back. There was nothing left between you and Jihoon. She suggested tazing him next time he showed up. She said it would make him think twice about coming over or at the very least keep a safe distance. You could only laugh at her. You were finished dressing when she stood up and grabbed your hands before you walked out the door. You looked back at her shocked. "I'm in no condition to take care of a baby Y/n. I don't think Seonghwa is either. Neither one of us is ready." She said. You hugged her, "That's normally when babies tend to pop up love. They're unexpected gifts." "In two weeks, I have another doctors appointment to find out the sex of the baby. I want you to come with me please." She said. "Yeah of course." You said. "Thank you." You smiled and patted her head. She laughed and you two turned to walk out. Hakyeon saw you two coming out of your room and smiled. "Besties don't stay away from each other for long." Hakyeon said. "Of course not. Now you two take care of yourselves and Ae-cha don't ware yourself down too much okay. You need your strength. I'll be back home later on tonight." You said. They both said goodbye to you and you headed off to work. For the most part the day went by smoothly. Nothing bad happened, the kids listened to you, your brother called to ask you how you were doing and that was it. You did ask if Mia wouldn't mind talking to Ae-cha about pregnancy. Perhaps if she talked to someone that had a baby she'd feel a little bit better about things. Her mother and her weren't on speaking terms, they hadn't been for a while. A part of you thought she might be thrilled to find out she had a grandchild but you weren't entirely sure and Ae-cha already said she didn't want to keep it. You wanted her too but it wasn't your choice. You wanted a baby so bad. Candyman: Kitten? You looked down at your phone to see Kiseok had texted you. You completely forgot that he asked that you out. You: Sorry I got distracted by some things. Candyman: Is everything alright? You: Yeah everything is fine. I'll have dinner with you tonight." Candyman: Great I'll have the car pick you up at eight. Did Kiseok ever drive? You hadn't seen him behind the wheel once. Either way, you agreed to be picked up at eight and he told you to wear something nice. You figured the dress he got you the second night you slept with him would be the best. Ae-cha helped you do your hair and fix your make up. She was surprised you were still going all out for him but if things were going to work out you wanted to give it your best. You couldn't run away you promised you wouldn't just like he promised to let Gi Jong go. It was a restart for a reason. You guys wanted to begin again on the right foot. Kiseok's car arrived right on time to pick you up and when you got in, Kiseok was inside waiting for you. He had a lollipop in his mouth. You laughed at him. "Really, before dinner?" "Couldn't help it." He said. You smiled and sat next to him. The driver drove off and you two sat in the car talking about his music. You avoided talking about Seonghwa as much as possible. It was just supposed to be you and Kiseok right now. You two got to your destination but you noticed you had driven far out of Seoul. You two were at a beach. "Kiseok where did you take me?" You asked. "Hopefully someplace no one will follow." He smiled. He got out of the car and headed around to open your door. When you got out, there was a small little restaurant with lights around the outside gate. A few people were there already. Kiseok led you to the opening and it wasn't long before you two were seated. You two got an outside table and you sat center in it. The lights created a beautiful atmosphere, romantic actually. The beach behind you made it even more romantic. A soft breeze blew through every now and again. It was warm but had you wanting to jump into his arms so the warmth would stay. He talked to you more this time. He made more of connection with you rather than just sex first. He even got up so you could dance. He wasn't a fan of dancing, unless he was on stage and had too he preferred not to do it. Even at clubs, he let the girls dance; he kind of just swayed to the beat. He didn't really dance. That made you happy because he was trying. "I like you Y/n." He said while you two danced to the romantic music. You smiled, "I like you too." You said. He leaned down slowly and you noticed he was leaning in for a kiss. He moved carefully, no rushing. You looked up at him, his eyes locked with yours and your heart started to race a bit. Your breath hitched as his lips made it to yours and his tongue slipped into your mouth. You made a little moaning sound in his mouth and he made the kiss deeper. His hand on your waist pulled you closer to him. His other hand stayed cupping your hand. He didn't look for a moment to advance it, he savored every sweet lingering moment of the kiss. Your face tingled, your heart beat was in your ears and his lips were so soft you got lost in them every time. How could a day change him this much? He pulled away slowly taking a few extra pecks of your lips before regretfully stopping. He looked at you and gave you a soft smile. "I think if I keep going I won't be able to stop." He chuckled. You smiled, "Then that's probably for the best, you're a great kisser though." You said biting your bottom lip. You kept your eyes on him to keep your control. One more taste and you would've given in. "Still looking for that massage?" He asked. You hummed, "Thanks but I'll have to rain check. My roommate is going through some things. I promised I'd be back home tonight." You said. He nodded, "Then I'd better get you back home safely." He said. You chuckled and he went back to the table and placed his money in the bill when the waitress finally returned with it. He took you home but before you left out he stopped you and quickly stole a kiss from you. It was a hot kiss, the kind that stole your breath and felt like he was trying to eat your lips. He might've taken you right there in the car if you hadn't pulled back to take a breath. You and him were both panting in each others faces. His eyes met yours and they were dark as hell. He pecked your lips trying to ease his aching for you away. He couldn't just taste he needed to have you. You wondered why he wasn't just going for it anyway but yesterday he said he wouldn't touch you unless it was okay. It was before you guys restarted everything but he was serious about it this time. His hands disappeared from your face when you felt something wrap around your neck. You smiled when you raised your hand to your neck and felt a bell. "A kitten needs a bell right?" He said. You laughed, "Yeah." "Goodnight Y/n." "Goodnight Kiseok." He handed you a lollipop when you got out. You smiled at him and hurried into the house... Two weeks had passed by with you and Kiseok going out on dates and chatting over the phone. He sent you snaps of himself in the studio and sometimes little audio clips so you could hear what he was working on. He'd ask you what you thought at the end of it. Ae-cha had been stressing out about telling Seonghwa about the baby. You supposed it was easier for her to keep it a secret since they weren't in each others lives, they just had a one night fling. Ae-cha did one nights better than you ever could. Before you took her to the doctor, Ae-cha asked you two days earlier, "Y/n if Seonghwa doesn't want the baby I'm giving it up for adoption." "I know." You said. "But I want to know if you'll adopt it." "What?" You said almost hitting the breaks. "Y/n you've always wanted kids you're good with them. At the very least I know it would be loved and taken care of by you." She said. "Ae-cha do you realize how hard it is to give a baby up for adoption? Giving your roommate your baby to take care of, knowing you're the real mother that's going to be a hard thing to do. Far more difficult than adoption." You said. "Y/n I don't want a baby. I'll be giving it up anyway I'm sure Seonghwa doesn't want it. It'll be good with you. You'll love it, you'll be good to it. Think about it Y/n you've been wanting a child for so long and even if you and Kiseok work out and get married that's still a few months or years before a baby shows up. At least this way I know it's with a person who will love them more than anything, just think about it." She said. You had though about it, even as you headed to the doctors office with her. While she was getting her sonogram, you thought about it. The doctor almost gave her the sex of the baby but she said she didn't want to know. She thought it would make her attached just knowing the sex of the baby. You wondered if she'd get attached seeing you with the baby. You thought about it though. "Alright Ae-cha." You told her. She looked to you. "Alright?" "If and only if Seonghwa doesn't want the baby...I'll adopt it." You said. She smiled, "I'd hug you if you weren't driving." She said. You chuckled. You did want a baby. You wanted a baby so bad... Seonghwa's POV Seonghwa was in the studio with Kiseok when Y/n and her friend Ae-cha had shown up. Seonghwa immediately noticed she was pregnant, her belly had grown. Kiseok and Y/n had recently restarted their romance and so far things had been going well between them. Kiseok was doing his best to prove to Y/n he'd let Gi Jong go. He wanted so badly to be with her though. Old habits tried to come back so he forced himself to separate from the boys when they started drinking and clubbing and instead stayed at the studio. He knew how he got. He knew he'd remember her and ruin everything before it got started again. He wanted to be good to Y/n this time. Seonghwa was actually happy for them. He never thought he'd see the day that a girl could make Kiseok want to focus and settle down. Still he didn't know if Kiseok's intentions were to actually settle down with her. If they weren't he should've just let her go. They apparently hadn't slept together since the redo and Kiseok was patiently waiting to touch her again but he needed an outlet so his more recent songs were more sensual and his lyrics more sexual. They needed to hook up again it was getting weird. Y/n whispered into Ae-cha's ear but Ae-cha shook her head. She took a seat where Kiseok was sitting while Y/n asked Kiseok something. Kiseok looked back at Seonghwa and Ae-cha then nodded. Both Y/n and Kiseok headed for the door. "Where are you two going?" Seonghwa asked. "I'm going to get the girls some drinks you guys hang out for a minute." Kiseok said. Kiseok kissed Y/n as if he didn't want to let her go but he was so hungry for her deep down. Seonghwa was surprised they weren't sneaking off to have sex. Ae-cha now faced him, her hands on her baby belly looking down. She looked up at him and smiled a little. "You're pregnant." Seonghwa said after Kiseok left. Ae-cha nodded. "You're the father." She whispered. Her voice was so light he thought he miss heard her. Honestly, when she first came in, he thought there was no way she could be there to tell him that she was pregnant by him but the fact that Y/n stayed in the corner and Kiseok ditched for a minute made that feeling even more clear. Seonghwa shook his head, "How do you know it's mine? You sleep around too." "You were the only one I slept with without a condom. Plus the dates match up because I hadn't been with anyone for a while before I called you. Look, I'm not here to come and complicate your life I just thought you should know." Ae-cha said. Y/n was in the back corner with her arms folded and she sighed and looked away. Seonghwa looked back to Ae-cha. "Are you keeping it?"

She shook her head.
"After I have the baby, I planned to give it up. Y/n said she'd take it." Ae-cha explained. Seonghwa nodded, "Then that's the best plan. " he said. "Seonghwa." Y/n said disappointed. "Look I don't want a kid, at least not now. With my job, it's the worst possible thing for me to do. Look it's just easier if Y/n handles the baby right? And no-one else has to know about this outside of us." Ae-cha nodded and stood up. Seonghwa sighed, "Look I'm sorry I don't mean to sound like an ass but I can't have a baby right now." Seonghwa said. Ae-cha nodded, "I understand." She stood up and headed over to Y/n and Y/n gave her a hug. "When's your due date?" Seonghwa asked. "January twenty first." Y/n answered for her since Ae-cha was still hugging her. "Look I'm really sorry about this Ae-cha but I can't." He said. "She knows, she gave you a choice and you chose." Y/n said. Y/n walked Ae-cha out of the room. What the fuck? What was he thinking not wearing a condom? Y/n wanted a baby so she'd take care of it and he may see it every now and again if her and Kiseok worked out. He wasn't sure how he was supposed to feel about all of this. What would happen to his image if it went public he had a baby? What would happen with the kid? He couldn't deal with this at the moment. He had music to be producing he couldn't deal with anything else at this moment. Y/n's POV You kind of foresaw Seonghwa not wanting the kid just as Ae-cha had said. He was an idol he wouldn't want a baby. Ae-cha and Seonghwa were just a like, it wasn't necessarily out of selfishness that they didn't want the baby it was more that Seonghwa and Ae-cha were self aware. They didn't believe they would be the best of parents especially since Seonghwa was still at such a high in his career. There was possible fear of bringing too much attention to the baby. A backlash on him and maybe even the kid. You took Ae-cha home and she asked to be alone for a little while. Hakyeon was at work and Kiseok asked if he could see you. You didn't want to leave the house so you told him to come to your apartment. You were waiting outside when he showed up. "Hey kitten." "Well well, if it isn't the Candyman. You know I don't recall saying your name three times." You joked. "Hm?" He asked confused. You laughed, "Nothing it's a scary movie. I'll show it to you sometime." You went and sat down on your front step and he walked up to you to take a seat. You looked up at the moon and the very few visible stars in the sky. "How's Ae-cha?" He asked.
"I think she's taking it a bit hard. She's trying to be strong." You said. "Seonghwa doesn't know how to handle it either." You smiled. He was still thinking about it. He wasn't completely blowing it off. "What?" Kiseok asked. "He cares. He won't say it but he does." You said. "He recognizes it's still his responsibility. I think he's a little more comfortable with the fact that you'll be raising it." Kiseok said. "Are you?" "Am I what?" You looked down at him, "Are you okay with me taking care of a baby?" "Why should I have a problem with it?" He asked. You smiled. "A baby is a large responsibility and me and you are just restarting everything. It could cause complications." "Well it's our best friend's baby so I don't have a huge problem with it. It's a little easier knowing you're just adopting and it's not actually yours." "What if I was pregnant? Would you have a problem then?" "If you were pregnant by Seonghwa? Are you?" He said shocked. You started laughing. His eyebrows knitted and he went in his pocket to pull out a lollipop and popped it in his mouth. "No you idiot. If, hypothetically, I turned up pregnant would you have a problem?" "Oh, no I wouldn't but on one condition." He said. "What's that?" "The baby has to be mine. If it's mine I have no problem. I'd be really hurt if you had Seonghwa's baby, hell it'd be better if you had Jay's baby." You started laughing. "Why the hell would having Jay's baby be better?" You asked. "Because that's just expected with Jay. I mean he could just trip and fall on you and bam your with child." You laughed at him. He was really a goofball. He popped the lollipop out of his mouth and kissed your cheek. You looked at him. "You know I've been holding back." He said. "Yes I know." "I'll keep waiting. I want you though, god I want you so much." He said. "Kiseok if you'll be good.... You can have me tonight." "Please don't tease me." You shook your head, "I'm not. I can't leave Ae-cha here alone though so if you promise we won't make much noise, I'll be all yours tonight." He pressed his forehead against yours. He brought out the lollipop he had in his mouth and pressed it to your lips. You took it into your mouth with a smile. "Baby Y/n." He said lowly. "Yes." You answered. "Let's go inside so I can show you how much I need you in my life." You smiled and grabbed his hand. Your fingers laced together and you both stood up and you walked him into the house. He kissed you softly, taking the lollipop out of your mouth so he could get a better kiss. You walked him down the hall and stopped to peek in at Ae-cha. She was fast asleep. You closed the door quietly and pressed your finger to your lips to tell Kiseok to stay quiet. You walked him back to your room and once the door closed you wrapped your arms around his neck. "Now show me how much you need me in your life." You said in a sweet whisper. Kiseok gave you his beautiful smile and picked you up and walked you to the bed and laid you down. He took out the lollipop in his mouth and placed it on a lone paper on your desk. He sat up above you as he took off his shirt. He laced his fingers with your and you could feel your heart beat a little faster as he began to move down to kiss your lips again....

"Jay could trip, fall on you and bam you have a child".....XD
@Taekookimonster I agree he needs to take full responsibility for what he did he needs to man up and be a man
WHAT!!!!!! ok hold up you don't want the baby just because your an idol!? ok I get that you have music and stuff to produce but it's not like she did it alone you asswipe like excuse my language but you know it to, but awwww they made up again im glad they did
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omgurd yasss~!!!!
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I love rock candy
what about chapter 9
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