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Hey you guys, it's your girl @stevieq.. Sorry for being lacks with my posts but Vingle basically screwed me over with their new layout and I have been semi trying to figure it out and semi 'I don't care, I just won't post anything'. But since I like posting and sharing my stuff, I guess I will have to focus more on figuring this out. I don't like this new layout.

Here is a list of things I don't like about this.

-I can't schedule cards anymore. It won't let me and I either have to wait it out and see what is gonna happen with that or figure a way around it now. So my schedule is backed up now.

-I also couldn't post anything but I could comment or like other peoples cards which is annoying. But we will see how this pans out.

-I can't add to communities. Every time I try to add something to the Kpop community or any community, the community sort of disappears when I click on it and when I check the card to see if it was miracuously posted anyway, it wasn't. Are any of you having this same problem or is it just a me thing?

-I don't like how they upgraded the way we post videos and pictures. I know it's super convenient but why is the link shown above the video like that. It's very inconvenient and makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. At least when you post the link for YouTube on the link disappears and you only see the video. -_- I know the link disappears when you post it but still, why does it have to be there while you are writing the post? >_<

-I also don't like how whenever you press on a card now, you can't exit out of the card like you used to. It was super convenient how you could quickly look over a card and then exit out of it with out having to go back or click on my username or something just to get out of the post. Or am I missing something here?

Is anyone else having the same problem's as I am? If not can you help me figure it out? If you are, we can help each other figure it out.

I hate the update. I want the original vingle back.
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Yeah I don't like the update at all. it's even more complicated now. I also want to add to your list, the fact that I can't see the like, clip count at the top of the cards near the name anymore. There is just a lot of things wrong.
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lol yeah it's annoying, I have to scroll all the way down the card to see it.
I can't figure out how to get my Tags working anymore
Yeah I had a hard time figuring that out too. I'm still not sure how I managed to tag anyone since the tags kept disappearing
I hate this update
They deleted my card I was about to post the other day ㅠㅠㅠ stupid update!
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did you update the app yet?
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