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Hello everyone! Welcome to Moonbin and MJ Friday!

This week we are looking at what would they be if they weren't idols?


I could totally see him being a dance teacher or it's possible he would be a teacher in general.


I could see him trying to become a comedian but he'd end up not going through with it because he failed to make his friend Moonbin laugh. After that he'd be an office worker and the best dad ever to his children!

What do you think Moonbin and MJ would be if they weren't k-pop idols?

Also I wanted to wish our Moonbin a happy late birthday!

I tried so hard to get a card up on his actual birthday but Vingle wouldn't allow it!

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I can see Moonbin being a pilot. He would look so handsome in uniform. MJ would be some kind of performer.
I agree about him looking handsome in uniform! :)