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Hello Royal Family! Its time again for a new Royal Spotlight member. It was a close vote this week, but our new member is...

Yes! Its @sukkyongwanser!! Congratulations on becoming our new Royal Spotlight member. Let's take the time to congratulate her. I want to take the time to thank her for supporting the Boys. We appreciate you taking the time to like and comment and participating in our community.

You have two choices you can make for your prizes.
Bias spam
Bias Wallpapers
Bias one shot
Bias planner or journal
Please let me know your choices soon, so I can have it prepared soon.

Its real easy to become Boys Republic Royal Spotlight member. All you have to do is participate. The more you like, comment and participate in our games and challenges, the more chances you have to become our new Royal Spotlight member
We will be looking forward to seeing who will be next.

@sukkyongwanser You got it! what kind of genre do you prefer? fluff or angst or something else?
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@sukkyongwanser Ok I'll do my best to Surprise you 😊
Congratulations @sukkyongwanser!! I like your way of thinking!πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Thank you!
Thank you!! I choose wallpapers and one shot of my leader boyfriend of Boys Republic.... ONE JUNN! This way I can look at him all the time even though he may be busy. 😍