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@B0RNHATER ...ugh, I'm so mad at them both right now, I know I'll forgive them eventually, but right now I just need some angry ice cream time
I'm sorry but jyp looks like That dad that's tries to stay in the new young style lol
Lol I love how I clicked on this for the pic and I don't even get to see the pic anymore.....γ… γ… 
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@B0RNHATER πŸ˜’ yupyup I did but I finally got it taken care of lol
It is sad that 2NE1 disbanded but 2NE1 did decide to disband themselves to focus more on their solo careers, so I'm personally not blaming them for the disbandment
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@SunnaWalo if you search the reason up on Google you can see the interviews where they stated the girls aren't totally quitting but focusing more on solo's for the time and the groups decided together to disband, CL and Sandara both are still signed with YG but as solo artist, park bom didn't re-sign sadly do, info : http://www.asianjunkie.com/2016/11/25/2ne1-is-officially-over-cl-sandara-re-sign-but-park-bom-doesnt/