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Drive (An Exo Oneshot Part 2)

Alright here's part 2....I still have maybe 2 more parts to go...maybe 3...we'll see...

“Dabeanie,” A voice cooed, “Dabeanie wake up.”
“Mmm,” I groaned, cuddling closer to the body next to mine, Jongin I think.
“Dabeanah!” The voice laughed, the body underneath mine shaking, “We’ve stopped, time to get up.”
“No,” I whined, wrapping my arms around Jongin’s waist, refusing to move. Jongin laughed harder and shifted slightly. I felt one arm go around my waist and the other at my knees. After some jostling a bright light hit my face, making my eyes squeeze shut even tighter.
“Dabeanah, I’m going to put you down, will you be ok?” Jongin asked.
“Fiiiiinnneee,” I groaned again. Jongin placed me on the ground but kept an arm around my waist, keeping me steady.
“You awake yet?” A different voice asked, I finally cracked on eye open and saw Kris standing in front of me.
“Nope,” I shook my head, opening my other eye.
“Well wake up,” Baekhyun yelled, coming over to me, “We need to take a selca!”
“One minute,” I replied, “I need to…make sure I don’t look homeless.”
“You look perfect,” Kris told me, a small smile playing on his lips. A blush crept onto my cheeks and I hid my face in Jongin’s side, embarrassed. Jongin chuckled for the third time and placed a kiss on the top of my head before releasing me and pushing me towards Baekhyun.
“Where should we take the picture?” Baekhyun asked, taking my hand and pulling me with him.
“Over there looks cool,” I answered, pointing to a building with some cool graffiti with my free hand.
“Yes!” Baekhyun cheered. He dragged me over to the wall and whipped out his phone. He flipped the camera so it was on selfie mode. Surprisingly I didn’t look that bad considering I had just been sleeping for the past however long. I ran a quick hand through my hair, taming it from its messy state. We smiled and made faces as Baekhyun took selfie after selfie.
“Hurry up let’s go!” Tao yelled at us. Everyone was gathered by the car, waiting.
“Coming!” I yelled back. I took Baekhyun’s hand again and we skipped back to the car. We all clambered back in and I instantly cuddled up to Jongin again, ready to go back to sleep.
“Oh no you don’t,” Jongin poked me in the side, “Stay up and talk to us.”
“About?” I questioned. I adjusted myself slightly so I could see everyone and still be laying on Jongin’s shoulder.
“What you need an interesting topic to want to talk to us?” Kyungsoo chuckled.
“No,” I shook my head, “More like I haven’t gotten more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep every night for the past month.
“What? Why?” Kris asked, looking concerned.
“Because apparently I’m the counselor for all of my friends and family,” I spoke, my voice slowing with each word. I wrapped my arms around Jongin’s waist and cuddled in closer. My eyes began to flutter close and I could feel the sleep overtaking me.
“You’re too good for his world,” Jongin whispered. I was asleep before I could respond.
Kris’s POV
“Is she asleep?” I asked, looking back at Avery in the rearview mirror. She had her head on Jongin’s shoulder, her arms around his waist. She looked like a koala bear.
“Mmhmm,” Jongin hummed in response.
“Chanyeolah,” I started.
“Hmm?” Chanyeol responded
“Who does Dabean like?” I questioned after a long pause.
“Hyung,” Chanyeol groaned, “It’s not my business to tell. Why do you care anyway? Do you like her?”
“Maybe,” I blushed, keeping my eyes on the road and ignoring the whistles of the boys, “Shut up, you guys are gonna wake Dabeanie up.”
“Ok, so here’s the thing,” Jongin started, “Yes Dabeanie likes you.” My heart skipped a beat. “But, unless you are absolutely sure that you like her and are willing to date her then I’m not gonna let you near her. Dabeanie is my best friend and even though you’re my hyung and I love you dearly, I won’t let you hurt her.”
“Understandable,” I nodded, “I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. And just so you know, I really do like her. Like a lot. I want to date her…if she’s interested that is.”
“Oh she’s interested,” Kyungsoo chuckled, “That’s for sure.”
“So what should I do?” I questioned.
“Take her on a date,” Xiumin said, as if it were obvious.
“But like, what should I do?” I groaned, “I mean it has to be perfect.”
“No it doesn’t,” Jongin shook his head, “Dabeanie doesn’t care about stuff like that. She likes simple things; you don’t need to do something crazy. Just show you care.”
“Ok,” I nodded, “I can do this.”
“Take the next exit,” Xiumin said, “We’re almost to our first campsite.”
I followed Xiumin’s directions to the campsite, thinking about what I was going to do with Avery. I really home things work out with her. I honestly do like her and want to spend my life with her. I eventually pulled into our campsite and put the van in park. Everyone hopped out of the car except Jongin who was coaxing Avery awake. She was being as stubborn as usual and honestly it was adorable.
Avery’s POV
“Oppa,” I frowned, clinging to Jongin, “Are we here?”
“Yes,” Jongin replied, pulling me over to a log and pushing me down, “Sit and wake up while we unpack.”
“I can help,” I protested, trying to stand up but stumbling instead. Jongin caught me, and pushed me back onto the log.
“Wake up first jagiya,” Jongin chuckled, patting my head, “Then you can help.”
“Fine,” I sighed in defeat. Jongin laughed again and walked to the van. Half the boys were unloading and the other half were setting up the tents.
“Ya! Dabeanah!” Chen yelled, “You know how to build a tent right? Come help!”
“Coming!” I answered, standing up and walking over to where the tents were laid out. After some direction the tents were quickly set up and everyone was deciding where to sleep. Turns out it was easier said than done. After a few minutes of disagreements, I spoke.
“Oppas! Oppas!” I barked, “Shut up! Ok we have three tents, that means two tents have four people and one tent has five. So seeing as none of you can agree on who goes where cause you’re all a bunch of little babies, we’ll do a random draw. Ok? Ok!”
“Ooh I like it when you’re feisty,” Luhan grinned.
“Shut up,” I rolled my eyes. I walked over to my bag and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. I wrote the number one down five times, and the numbers two and three down four times. After tearing each number out individually I took Jongin’s hat and dumped all the papers in it.
“So…what? We just pick a number?” Tao asked.
“Yes and whatever number you get is what tent you’re in,” I answered, “That’s tent one, tent two and tent three. Now start picking numbers.” I held out the hat to each of the boys. Soon enough the tents were decided. In tent one was Chanyeol, Luhan, Lay, Jongin and Kyungsoo. In tent two was Sehun, me, Suho and Xiumin. And finally in tent three was Kris, Chen, Baekhyun and Tao. Everyone quickly put their items in their respective tents before coming back out to where the fire pit was.
“So first up we were going to go hiking here,” Suho said, “So change if you need to, we’ll be leaving in 15 minutes.”
“Yes sir!” I saluted before going back towards the tent, “I’m changing first! So help me if any of you walk in I will murder you in your sleep!”
“Yes ma’am,” All the boys chorused in response. I entered the tent and zipped up the windows before quickly changing into exercise clothes.

I stepped out of the tent and almost ran into Sehun who was waiting impatiently. I patted his shoulder as I walked past him, Xiumin and Suho right behind him.
“Did you get enough sleep?” A deep voice asked, arms wrapping my around waist. Kris. Ugh why does he do this to me?
“Mmm,” I hummed in response.
“Good,” Kris whispered, placing a soft kiss on my neck, sending shivers down my spine. His arms tightened around me, pulling me flush against his chest. Kris kissed my neck again and I bit my lip, holding back a groan. Seriously why is he doing this?
“Let’s go!” Chen yelled, making the two of us jump in surprise. We separated, Kris holding onto only my hand now.
“Is everyone else ready?” I asked.
“They’re coming,” Chen replied, turning and waving to the boys that were walking towards us.
“Well let’s go then,” Kris grinned, dropping my hand to clap his together. He turned on his heel and began walking, leaving me alone with Chen. I glanced at Chen, slightly confused that he would just walk away. Chen shrugged and the two of us began to follow, the rest of the boys walking right alongside us.

Welp that's all for now! More to come soon! 사랑해! ❤❤
I'd want to be in the tent she's in too.....(sigh)
right? I would never recover ㅋㅋ ^^
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