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Hello! It's Ashlei. I'm back once again with the weekly author spotlight.
This week is (Drum roll please!)......... @Taekookimonster . Not only does she write some amazing BTS fan fics ( Those seven boys have stolen my heart!) she also share a few ansgst text here and there that make me want to crawl in a hole and never come... #can'thandlethefeels .

1) Please introduce yourself!
My name is Angela but I don't like my name so my friends call me Minnie because I am short I am 4'5' yes I am short I am also 18 years old I turned 18 this month on the 8th, I love kids, books I am a book worm lol and I love kpop as you can tell, I also love dancing I am in a dance club in school and in a company. I have 6 siblings that I take care of. I love meeting new friends and making new friends I also am a good listener if you need someone to talk to you can count on me and if you need advice I can try my best to help you as well.
2)When did you start writing?
I don't remember when I started writing Fan-fiction because ever since I started reading them I just started to write them as well, I remember my first one shot Fan-fiction and I didn't think it was that good but I tried lol.
3)Why genre for writing are you most comfortable with and why?
The genre that I write the most is either Angst or a little bit of fluff, I just love those two genre along with romance I mean everyone loves romance at least once in a while right?? lol to be honest I don't know why I am comfortable with those genres but all I can say is that I love those genres ohh I almost forgot action as well lol.
4)In your opinion what is your best fan fic?
In my opinion the stories I wrote I don't think any of it is good or bad, I just think of it as something I need to work on, because their are a lot of good authors out their that are way better than me, I just think of them as really good authors that I look up to so that I can better my stories, but in my opinion my stories are just average so I have no good books lol.
5)Promote your best fan fic in 5 words or less!
Promoting my best Fan-fic in 5 words hmm... sad, plot-twist, angst, love, betrayal .
6) How do you deal with writer's block?
Oh I always have to deal with this because every time I have an idea and I wanna write it down I have like only one chapter for it, even if I can make it into a chapter book I just can't because the ideas I have are always gone when I want to put it out and that always frustrates me so much but then again for what I do is I start to write out the ideas that I have so that I won't lose it, and then I would start to try and piece them together, but most of the stories I have are dreams that I either make up or have I don't know how I come up with the idea but I just do lol but I would always tell my readers if I am having trouble with coming up with ideas and that it might take some time.
7)Any advice for other writer out there?
Some advice I would give to writers is read other stories read not only kpop stories but other types fantasy romance horror romance angst fluff and all those types of genre to get ideas, make up your own, like imagining you doing this with your bias, for me its all about imagining things that make me come up with some weird stories lol come up with things that you would have never thought you would never write, but most of all don't give up try and try so that you would be able to come up with story I get that it could take a while but don't give up and keep trying

I want to thank Taekookimonster for doing the interview! Please be sure to check out her work.
If you have an author in mind for next week, or any week really, please be sure to leave their name in comments and I'll try my hardest to get an interview with them!
Tune in next week for the next meet the author!
The Fan Fic Mod team <3
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Why don't you like your name? My daughter's name is Angela...and she's small too. Ang says she isn't short...she is fun size.
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A. I'm sad you feel that way. Embrace the name..and be glad you can't really get any nasty nicknames from it. (Unlike my name...)