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Hi Hi, its been a while since I've updated. couple days at least. I've been working on a long part again. its time for some Layla and Tae!

Layla view***

I got a call super early in the morning, okay not super early, but it was my day off and I wanted to sleep in. So having my phone go off at 9 a.m was not what I wanted.

"Who is this?" I hissed into the phone as I answered it.
"Why you snap at me!" Tae's voice came on the line.
"Your disturbing my precious sleep" I told him.
"Aren't I precious to you too?" He sounded a little to innocent.
"Yesss" I hissed as I tugged my head under my covers.
"You like me" he sang into the phone.
 Oh gosh that voice! He just had to do that.
"You better hope so" I said.
"Why are you muffled?" Tae questioned.
"I'm hiding under my covers" I told him.
"That's no fun.  You should come out with me! Come on I want to play!" Tae was hyper. For so early it . . . still didn't shock me. Well I did love his spirit.
"What do you want to do exactly?" I asked.
"I want to go to an amusement park" he said.
"You'll get recognized. You can't go" I told him not even batting an eye at the idea.
"Why?  Yoongi and Keri have gone before, he just wore a hat and sunglasses. I can do that too and blend in" he said.
I wondered if he could get away with that.  He probably could.
"You really want to go?" I asked
"Yes!" He exclaimed happily. "Be ready in am hour!" He added then hung up fast so I couldn't say no.
Groaning I sat up in bed.
"He is so getting me coffee!" I said getting out of bed.

An hour later I was dressed and ready to set out. I had on a pair of leggings on, an oversized panda hoodie and my hair in a pony tail. Screw dressing up, I was still being comfy today.

Tae met me in front of the amusement park. He was the only shady looking person at the front and figured it had to have been him. He had a black hoodie on, a hat with the brim covering his face and big sunglasses.
I walked over to him and stood in front of him, my hands buried in my hoodies pockets.
"Tastie, why are you looking creepy?" I asked after several moments. He looked up at me and the frown on his face increased.

Shit! This wasn't Tae!

"Do I know you?" He questioned letting his sunglasses fall down the bridge of his eyes.
"No! I'm sorry I thought you were someone else!" I exclaimed backing up.

Of course, I would go up to a stranger. . . wait that's how I met Keri and that turned into a good friendship.

"Are you by yourself?" I asked polietly "or are you waiting for someone?" I asked leaning against the fence next to him.
"Waiting for someone" the guy mumbled.
"Me too. Mind if I wait here with you buddy?' I asked.
He turned his head in my direction.
"Okay" he said after a long pause.
"Thanks! Sorry you startled me before. I was expecting my friend, uhm boyfriend yes boyfriend to be waiting for me." I told him.

  It was strange to be calling Tae my boyfriend,it was strange when I had called him friend the first time too though.

"New?" The guy asked.
"Hmm? Oh yes, new relationship.  Its only been a week" I told him.
"So why are you dressed like that to go to an amusement park?" I gasped "omo are you famous? That would be so awesome if you were" I laughed "nah, my luck isn't that good. Maybe stalker or physcopath!" I snapped my fingers. "I'm joking I'm joking!" I said at the noise he made of my comments.
"How can you mistake me for that?" The guy asked.
"For what?" I asked looking around.
"Yea, I'm sorry. So so so sorry" I exclaimed

I saw Tae. He was easily spotted! No it wasn't because he had brought people, no his choice of outfits! Why today! Why!
I should have known he doesn't do subtle.
Tae was wearing bright blue pants and a white polka dot shirt, Plus he had a monster size fur coat, white sunglasses on and a white hat.
Not subtle!!!!!

"Layla!" Tae said stopping in front of me.
"What are you wearing?" I questioned.
"A disguise" he said  the guy next to me chuckled.
"That's not a disguise" the guy next to me mumbled.
"Who are you?" Tae questioned looking at him.
"Someone I met waiting for you" I told him. "Now go loose the coat at least. You don't need it" I told him. He pouted but walked away. The van was waiting at The curb and he shrugged his coat off and handed it to someone. Hobi stuck his head out and searched the crowd when he sports me he waved like a goof. This was unbelievable, these boys didn't blend in well.
Tae came back without the coat on and waved to the van before it drove off.
"Ready to go in?" Tae asked.
"Yes, let's go in" I said. I turned to the guy next to me and waved.
"Hope you don't wait to long for whoever your waiting for" I told him. He nodded and I smiled at him before heading in.
Tae paid for tickets to get in and for the rides.
When we got in Tae pointed to a really big roller coaster with a looong line.
"I want to go on that" he stated.
"Hmm. How about maybe later, when the line isn't wrapping around the place" I said.
"Okay, how about that one then?" He pointed to another roller coaster.

It wasn't like the other, it was the drop, one that went straight up and straight down.

"Okay sure" I nodded.
"Then we can go on that one and that one oh oh and that one!" Tae was super excited. He was pointing to all the roller coasters all of a sudden.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the big drop ride and stopped only when we were in line.
His hand still held mine, as if he didn't even realize he was holding my hand. Looking down at our joined hands and couldn't help but blush.
I looked up just in time to see him turn back to me.
"Were at the thirty minute mark" he grinned and pointed to the sign just a few people in front of us.
"It should go by fast" I smiled.
"Yea" he grinned. He grinned at me for a minute before he spoke. "Do you like roller coasters?" He asked all of a sudden.
"Uh yea, I used to love coming to the amusement park. I haven't been in a long time" I nodded. "Do you like amusement parks?" I asked. Tae nodded.
"I love them! They are full of fun! Rides, food, people, performances, those guys dressed up as animals and food!" He listed off several things.
I laughed at his response.
"You know you mentioned food twice!' I said. "Well I can tell you like it here" I added.
 "Why haven't you been in a while?" He asked.
"Oh um well first it was because I was busy, but then it just came to nobody wanted to come with me " I said
"But weren't you dating?" His eyes widened "not that I want to here you came with him" he added making me laugh.
"Tao didn't like coming here. He said too many people would recognize him" I shrugged.
"Well I don't have that fear" Tae chuckled.
"Yes, so true. You were going to try and stand out among the crowds" I pointed out.

We talked for a while longer moving from topic to topic.
When we got to the front of the line Tae walked ahead and because he was still holding my hand I followed until he went to sit in one of the seats. He looked at our hands still joined then looked at me.

"I was holding your hand that entire time" he sounded shocked making me laugh.
"You didn't notice?" I chuckled.

How could he not notice, it had been at the back of my mind the entire time we were talking.

"It just felt natural" he shrugged. I laughed as I sat next to him and the guy came around and pushed the bars down on us securing us in place.
Tae was fidgeting in his seat next to me, he was excited.
As we went up I couldn't help myself as I looked down, halfway up and oh god I was getting a little nervous.
"Don't look down" Tae yelled next to me. I lifted my head and looked at him. He had a reassuring smile on his face.
I stared at him the entire time we went up and when we reached the top he pointed out making me look forward.
The view of the park was amazing, you could see almost all of the park and with the clear blue sky we had I had my mind on that.
So when we dropped, I screamed, suprised.

"You screamed so loud up there" Tae laughed when we got off the ride a few minutes later.
"I was suprised!" I laughed.
He teased me about it as we walked to the next ride.

While we were there we went on several rides and got snack food at random points in the day. At the end Tae pointed to the ferris wheel and I nodded. Finally a ride that wouldn't make my Stomach drop.
We got on pretty fast. Tae had gotten one that we didn't share with other people, I saw some had up to 4 people on it so was happy we didn't have to share.
The view from the ferris wheel was amazing and lights were on in the park making it look so bright.
"Did you have fun today?" Tae asked me.
"Yes. Roller coasters are fun, but I like these slow rides best." I smiled at him.
"Really?" He seemed nervous all of a sudden.
"Yea, we get to see amazing views. Don't get me wrong roller coasters you do too but those make me feel like I'm flying " I told him.
"I don't even know your favorite color" he mumbled suprising. "What's your favorite color?" He asked.
"Blue" I laughed, "what's with the random question.
"I was thinking, I don't know that much about you" he said looking everywhere but at me.
"Hmm, you just have to ask me. Besides you know a lot. Where I work, how I like my coffee, my favorite foods-"
"What is your favorite food?" He asked.
"Croissants" I chuckled. "And you like meat, and kimchi, and ramen" I was cut off.
"You know more about me" he pouted.
"That's not a bad thing" I shrugged.
After that he went through a series of questions which finally made me laugh. Tae wasn't nervous anymore.
"Can we ride one more time?" Tae asked the guy who opened the door to the ferris wheel. With a wink and nod the guy allowed it and we went around another time.
"Why do you want to go around again?" I asked as he moved to sit on the same side as me.
"Uh because I want to do the kiss in the Ferris wheel thing" Tae said straight forward.
"You know you shouldn't just say it" I laughed shaking my head back and forth.
"Why not?" He questioned.
"Because it ruins the moment" I chuckled. "But it wouldn't be you without saying whatever is on your mind" I added.
"I'm sorry" he pouted.

 I knew we weren't at the top yet, and the moment was different but with the happy feeling I had and the butterflies in my stomach. . . I leaned in and pressed my lips to his pouting ones. It was just a press of the lips, but sadly he didn't stop pouting.
So I pulled away looking confused.

Maybe I was wrong, I shouldn't have done that. Gah there wasn't even a moment I just did it out of the blue, no not really he looked so cute pouting and I wanted to see him smile already.

"That wasn't fair" he said making me pause. "I wanted to kiss you" he said.
I covered my face with my hands, covering the blush that was there was n a blink if an eye.
I felt his hands pull mine away and saw his face. He was kneeling in front of me now.
"Can I?" He asked.
I took a moment then nodded.
Tae leaned in, unlike the kiss I gave him he beckoned me to open my mouth and I felt his tongue. My insides tingled and those butterflies in my stomach fluttered around.

The kiss broke apart when the doors opened.
We were back at the beginning of the ride.
"Hi" I grinned at him.
"Hi" he said right back.

Ooo its a cute date between them, I had to make it more funny and interesting then romantic lol all the way to the last minute.

Fam tag! For everything!

(ugh got to add the rest of the tag list in comments. copy/paste just hates me took me an hour just to do all this)

hmmmm...1st thing I'm going to say......before I start reading...something looks different...is tae... is he coming out of the water now?!?!?
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@SweetDuella ahh ok ok
I'm jealous now. It's been a few years since I've been to an amusement park. We didn't go last summer because of Kcon...and the summer before my daughter was still recovering from a concussion.