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QUIZ: Can Kpop/Kdrama guess your age?
So I have two quizzes to end the weekdays out.
Both quizzes are about guessing your age, through Kpop or through K drama!

One more of the hard questions lol but couldn't help choosing scarlet heart, it my newest love lol

My results lol oh my knock a couple years off!

Next Quiz is . . .

Annnd kpop just knocked 10 years off me lol. Wow I feel young and fresh now!

Check out the quizzes and share you results if you like!

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@JaxomB lol we got the same thing
7 months ago·Reply
I got the same results as you 😮 but I'm 22 so they're not THAT far off 😂
7 months ago·Reply
I got the same scores as you thou for the kpop one. they are technically off by 2 years cuz I turn 20 in March.
7 months ago·Reply
Where can I find those
7 months ago·Reply
you can find these quizzes at soompi.com. (if you click on the links under the pics of the quizzes there's a link to them)
7 months ago
I got 36 years for kdrama.... I'm 16
7 months ago·Reply