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안녕하세요 Vingle Fam, It's Sky Here~!

I'm really, really excited to make this card~This is my favorite event so far :D I originally planned to post this yesterday because I didn't want to lose this card(my cards ALWAYS disappear T.T). But I fell asleep as I was writing...and tHANK THE LORD IT'S STILL HERE *tears of joy*
With that out of the way, let's continue❤

I Would Take Jungkook To Japan! (again lol)

I know he's been there before, but I really want to visit there. It seems like a really interesting country. I'm really interested in their culture & history. My Japanese is ok... I can read & write Hiragana really well. I can make small talk, but my listening skills are much better than my speaking (still easier than Korean, speaking & listening anyway).
While we're on the plane, maybe Jungkook could teach me a phrase or two (*dies from the thought*)


After an hour & 57 minute flight (From Seoul, South Korea to Tokyo, Japan). We arrive at the Honeda International Airport in Tokyo. We would catch a cab already waiting for us thanks to the staff. We both were pretty hungry, so we decided to eat something, somewhere quick so we could head back out again.
I'm not the biggest fan of fast food (it makes me feel sick & it's pretty gross...i can only handle the fries xP). But since we were starving....why the hell not? So, we both chilled in McDonald's in Tokyo for a bit.
After we ate, we headed back out onto the busy streets of Tokyo. With the extra money we had from the restaurant, Jungkook bought ice cream for the two of us from the street corner❤(Sky, this isn't a date...chill).
Although I'm not a fan of it anymore, I would love to take Kookie to an Anime/Manga shop in Tokyo.I don't remember what genres he's into(Shounen maybe), while I'm somewhere low-key searching for Yaoi & Shounen-Ai(judge me xD).
After spending god knows how long in the Anime/Manga Shop, we decided to take a little break from the busy streets of Tokyo, take a train, & visit a Shrine. We both were amazed by how beautiful the place was. I tugged on Jungkook's sleeve, leading him to the booths (I think) where you toss a coin in & make a wish. After we did so, I asked him what he wished for. He the. told me that it wouldn't come true if he told me & softly smiles.(ok you're just writing a fanfiction STAPH).
The day was now slowly but surely coming to an end & we headed back to Tokyo to make reservations for a hotel, luckily one of the staff members did that for us already (they are so nice lol).
We get to our hotel & Jungkook suggested that we should Skype the other members to let them know we got here safely. We did so and at first it was Namjoon before he called the rest of the others in, telling them that we're on a video call(not Yoongi... he's probably sleeping xD).After talking non stop about our first day in the city, it was completely dark outside. We all called it a night & headed off to bed.

As you could probably tell, I started thinking I was writing a oneshot half way through xD

But I hope you enjoyed my "vacation" with Jungkook❤ Sorry if this card was bad ㅠㅠ
(I'm.... going back to sleep it's 1:46 in the morning leh)
((ok....I forgot to add this in, but I thought of the song "Tokyo" by Owl City as I was writing this xD. It's a nice song & I think you should check it out :D)

Loved it! ♡
@PolarStarr Thanks! I'm glad you liked it 😊💜
I would take Jungkook to Mexico Ik he doesn't speak Spanish but I do and there is so much culture and beauty there that I want him to see it ^^