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So I didnt have a particular bad or good day, but its like 2 am and suddenly my mind started thinking about some of the things Im currently going through in my life. It kind of made me feel like I had a bad day just because Im ending it with such thoughts.
Then I started to tell myself that it could always be worse, I'll get through this & just to keep moving forward. Dont give up.
This kind of thing I think everyone struggles with when they are going through tough times in life, so I just said 화이팅 (fighting) to myself and realized how much I really love this one word phrase Ive learned from being a kpop fan.
Its only one word but it can mean a lot and brighten someones spirits. So for my fellow vinglers, whenever your going through a tough time or just need some encouragement, 화이팅! hwaiting!
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내 친구야, 화이팅! 너는 힘니다! 그래치?
hwaiting, my friend. you are strong! okay?