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The dictionary definition of love is and i quote "an intense feeling of deep affection towards someone or something"

I cannot put the definition of love in a mere one liner sentence, nor could i explain what its purpose is, but what i can say is that love isn't just a word. It's a feeling, an emotion.
Let me put it this way when i say "I love you" i don't just mean i have feelings for you it actually means a couple things, such as
i dont want to be with out you.
i wouldn't ever want to imagine a life where i haven't met you.
i think about you wheather im awake or asleep.
if i had to pick some one to be deserted on a island for the rest of my life id like for it to be you.
i want to know everything about you.
i don't care about your flaws because through my eyes you are perfect.
so in a way i guess love is a feeling shown through actions and words to show that you not only like but, admire everything about someone
that is a example of what love means to me
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wow what a talent...keep up the good work !!!