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I look at them as I tried to collect my mind. I can't seem to find myself. Simon came towards me. He smiled and open his arms towards me, but I quickly backed away and hid behind Jay. Loco gave Simon a look. Jay clear his throat and he turns around.

"What's the matter Janera?"
"Nothing, just... I dont know them like that. Why is he .."
"He is our brother, Janera"

I Look at Simon and Loco. They just look at me and smile.

"Janera, they also placed thier life to protect you and the kingdom. Dont be like this."
"I just...I need a moment"

Gray comes to the room and he goes behind Jay.

"Jay, remember. She lost her memories. All she knows is the human memories. Like dude, open your eyes. Dont you see that Simon and Loco are in there actual real form"
"Ohh ya,, that's right. I totally forgot about it. Im so used to it."
"Ya so, your in your human self till she gets her powers back. Thats when you will be back to yourself. But otherwise than that. Janera see them as witches."
"Sheesh woman... are we that ugly"

I look at Jay, and then I look at Simon and Loco.

"Those eyes, and the nails. That is not human man"
"Stop being a pussy."
"Jay, how would you feel if I beat you in front of the boys."
"Uhhh... ummm"
"Thats what I thought."

Simon and Loco then began to walk outside. Then Gray and Jay follow them and left me on own to just collect myself with everything thats going on. I began to look around the house and I can see pictures on the wall. Some are pictures of the boys and my parents. Even though Im not used to of the eyes and the nails, reality they are very beautiful, well beautiful creatures. I walk down the hall and I see some doors. I began to slowly open it.

The first room was Simon. I look behind me and then went inside. I began to look around. He has guitar and a piano. Seems like he loves music. Simon seems to be very organized. Then I saw something shiny. I got closer, it was a necklace. It was shaped as a heart. As i opened it, it was a picture of our parents with me in the middle. As I close the locket, I saw some writtings on it.

"I will keep my parents close to heart, but I will find you, Janera"

I place the locket back to its place, I open the door and began to walk towards the next door. As i open th door and turned on the lights. It was simple, too simple. As I began to look around, I began to noticed that it's Loco's room. His room is full of books and papers all over the place. Well I got a nerdy brother. I began to look through his books, but they are not in english. I open one and just began to turn page after page. If only I can understand the language, maybe I would know the meaning of this book. I put the book down and went to look through his book shelfs. They are all in different languages. This dude is a nerd. Then I found a book, which was in english. I grabbed it and it said "Janera".

I opened the book, and I saw a picture of Loco holding a baby. There was a side note saying "Since the day I held you, Is when I promise you to make you smile. But I wont ever let you go" I smiled as I saw that. As I turned pages after pages, my eyes began to get watery. The pictures he has of us together, made me fell a bit home. As I got into the last picture, It was empty. All it said was "I will find you and we will be together again" I closed the book with a huge smile over my face. I then placed the book back and began to walk out of the room. I closed the room behind me and my heart began to feel warm. Then I went to door number 3.

The lights turned on itselfs as I entered inside. The room is full bathed of royalty. This is definelty my parents room. I saw the bed and it's huge! I giggled inside and just body slammed to the bed.

"The bed feels so soft...oh my god. The pillows and the blanet. Oh yea"

I cleared my throat and began to fix the bed. Then a paper fell on the floor. I picked it up and it as my name on the front. I look around and I open the letter.

Dear Janera,
The day you will be able to read this letter, it means that you have found your true self. My name is Ella and Im your mother. Im sorry that you must found out this way. But it was for your own good. I took your powers away and your memory so the other witches wont find you. Janera, your brothers are there to protect you. They have been since the day you was born. My time came short, but my love to you is greater. Your powers are more powerful than any witches, including your brothers. The day you be able to get your powers back, be caution. My darling, always remember that you was the light of our family. You have gaven us laughter and fun onto our house. I hope you are able to take over the kingdom and destroy the wicked. Stay safe my princess, and be the future of the new kingdom.
Love: Mom

Then I saw another letter with my name on it also. I opened it.

My Princess,
It's your dad sweety. It's heart breaking for me to write this letter. And it hurts to not be able to see you all growned as a lady. I bet you look like mom. I wish to be able to be there for you but sacrifices was needed to be made. Im so sorry to take your memories and take away who you are. But soon you will find the right destiny and time. Always stick with your brothers. They the ones who can protect you, but Gray is the one who carries the last broken spell. Remember Janera, she is family. I love you princess.
Love: Dad

I held the letter close to my heart, but I keep thinking of what my father said on the letter "she is family". I folded the letter and placed it under the pillow. I began to walk around and I can see so many clothes and perfumes and make up. I began to look through the make up. I sat down on the chair in front of the mirror. I picked up the brush and began to brush my hair and placed some make up on me. I began to wonder, what would life be if i was with them, if they was alive. If only I had a chance to be able to see them and meet them. My heart began to ache of these wishes that was going through my mind. I placed everything down and began to look at the mirror. I stand and left the room.

I see one last room. I opened it and It was full of dust. I began to look for the lights. As I found it and switched the lights on. My face went blank. I see posters of woman in sexy clothes. Then I saw some porn magazines on a chair.

"This is soo Jay's room. Porn and half naked women. This man is too much"

I began to quickly leave the room, when I saw a door. I got curious and began to turn the knob, but it's locked. I began to look at his room.

"Where will he hide a key....Hmmmm.. I wonder"

I looked around and then I saw the porn magazines, I shake my head. I picked up the magazine and opened it. As I opened it, I saw that he has a key taped on a boob.

"I swear, this guy is a man hore"

I grabbed the key and riped the magazine in half, I went towards the door and insert the key. I open the door and everything was all red and gold. It was decorated and very beautiful.

"Oh my god!! This is so my dream room. The colors are just beautiful. I wonder who's room is this?"

I began to look around. The bed was a child size. There was alot of teddy bears and many pictures of the family on the wall. Then I saw a child's drawing. It was a little girl holding a boys's hand. As i look down, I saw the names. It said "Janera and Big brother Jay" I then realized that this room, is my room. I sat down on my bed and just lay down. I closed my eyes and just smell the room. Then my eyes open wide.

"Why is my room together with Jay?"
"Because he is the one that was chosen to protect you"

I quickly stand up straight and look by the door, and I saw Simon on the door. I bow and look down.

"Loco and I may be the oldest, but we was chosen to fight but Jay was chosen to protect and fight beside you. It's why you have a huge trust on him than anyone else. This used to be your room. Jay will always play with you and take you everywhere. He never said no and never left you alone."
"Oh I see. So Jay and I ... we was tight"
"In the beginning..yes, but as you grew till age 8. You guys tend to fight alot. He wouldnt do nothing to you, but you guys can really argue. Mom and Dad would always come running to you and control you."
"Me? The one who needs control is him with that mouth of his"
"True. His mouth those runs a mile. But your very aggressive and mean. You are the strongest among all of us. Your also capable of killing someone with your own hands without a weapon. You see, your a pure witch. A witch who can never be broken. "
"A pure witch?"
"Yes. The wicked wants to take your blood so she can become a pure. But her pure will be toxic."

I began to look around the room. I feel a bit pressured.

"Janera, I know how you feel. Everything is happening all at once. But to be honest, we need you sis. The wicked knows you are here and war will brake hard. We must help you get your powers. The only person who can do that is Loco. He is very good with magic spells."
"Wait, so all those books that are in his room....they are all magic spells!?"
"Yup, and they are all in a language, which only him and you can understand."
"Not really. I saw them and when I opened them, I couldnt understand a word"
"Thats because you dont have your powers, silly"

Simon began to laugh. Then he pulls out the locket I saw.

"I promised to give this to you when ever you return. Welome home Janera"

I grabbed the locket and I just smile at Simon.

"Thank You Simon"
"Aih, now come on. Lets meet the others"
Simon and I went to yard of the house. I began to see how everything is destroyed. The tress are rottened and houses are destroyed. I let out a sigh. Is this really my kingdom?

"Janera, this is Loco."
"Hi Loco, it's nice to..."

Loco came out of nowhere and gave me a huge hug. I froze and just looked at Jay.

"Um.. Loco, she aint a hugging type of person."
"It's Ok."
"What!!?? Woman you always smack me when I try to hug you"
"That's because you are a digusting perv."
"Oh come on, Im your brother. Can you hug me now?"
"Even If you was my brother or not, I will never hug you."

The boys began to laugh and Jay just pout. I smiled and just brushed his hair. Ive noticed that I was with only my brothers.

"Where is Gray?"
"He is over there"

I look where Loco pointed and I began to walk towards him. He was sitting beside a tree, a tree that is not even touched. I sat down beside Gray.

"What your doing here alone. I thought you was with the boys"
"You see that building down there, well that used to be our school. We all used to always play together. You always tend to always stay in the playground. Sometimes you will hide and he will have to destroy the place to find you"
"Seems like I havent changed. I sometimes hide into places and Jay will go ga ga crazy looking for me"
"So mean, young lady"

I began to giggle. Then I began to wonder about this tree.

"Gray, this tree...why"
"Why is the only one standing with full life? Well this was the last place you ever smiled. But also was the last itme you cried. This tree carries the last feelings you had before your memories and powers was gone."
"I see. Seems like alot has happened. But Gray, why you said Im your fiance, when I left here at the age of 8?"
"Destiny. My mother and your mother can see the future. And they saw us getting married."
"Doesnt mean it will happen Gray."
"Alot has changed and you dont know me. I can understand."
"You see, ever since I know the truth now. I must find a way to fix my heart."

Gray began to sit up and look at me. All I can do is look down. God, why I feel embarrassed.

"Janera, are you saying that you fell for.."
"Yes, I like Jay. And now knowing that he is my brother. I feel disgusted."
"Well, you didnt knew that he was your brother, so I can understand of what your saying. But,"
"I know, I must forget."
"Come on."

Gray grabbed my hand and began to pull me down the hill towards the old school. We began to run and all I can do is giggle. He turns around and gave me a smile. A sweet smile which was very warming. We arrived at the school. I went inside and the smell didnt actually bothered me much. I began to explore. I ran from room to room, and I giggled through the hallways.

"Gray, come on"

I grabbed Gray's hand and began to run throught the hallways. Then I saw a room which carried some pictures. I stopped and went inside. I let go of Gray's hands and then I began to look throught the pictures. It was drawings of children. They was full of life. Then I saw some that are dark. I look closer and I began to see drawings of witches killing families. My heart sank.

"Gray, please dont tell me they have killed these childrens families?"
"Yes, many children was left as orphans. Many came here to drop of thier last memories of their families."
"Where are the kids?"

Gray and I began to walk out and towards a house. In the front yard you can hear the children laughing and giggling. As I began to look at them, I see nothing but full of smiles. I enter inside and I and see so many children running around and adults helping the place. A small child grabbed my pny I loo down and his eyes didnt bother me at all. I neel down to face him. He gives me a smile and then began to pull me to follow him. We enter inside a room, which had beds on the floor. Then he lets me go and began running towards his bed. He then pulls out a drawing. It was a princess.

"That's you Janera"
"Me? How?"
"Thier imaginations. You see, everyonein this village knows that the Queen's daughter will be coming and when we see her, the beauty will be known."
"Beauty? Dude, im not even."
"You look more human than your actual image. But once your powers come bac. You will see the beauty that is hidden"
"You made sound like a damn ruby or something"
"Cuz you are"
"Shut up Gray"
"Shutting up"

I began to leave the building and as I arrive towards the exit, the children was outside, including the adults. They all look at me and one child stepped forward. She bow and she gave me a flower.

"We believe in you and we will always be beside you"

I bow and then I hugged her. This has warm my heart. Gray stood beside me and put his elbow out. I laugh from the type of chessy thing he is doing, but the kids was loving the act. I put my hand around his arm and just waled out of the place. But I didnt let go. He too me to a river, which is half way dry.

"Yes, princess"
"Really....dont call me that."

He began to giggle.

"Im ready."
"Yes. I want to save what my parents left me. And save my kingdom."

He quickly hugged me and I just pushed him off.

"Sorry Gray, Im just not used to it, well I just hate hugs."
"It's Ok. It's a habit I had with you before. The only person you only hugged was either me or your brothers."
"Well, lets not dont that."

Then everything went black and red. I look up at the sky and I saw how the skies are changing. Then I began to hear screams from the village. Gray then grabbed my hand and we both began to run towards the village. As we got closer, I can see some witches up high on the sky and they was throwing fire.

"Gray! The children"
"Janera, I need to get you to the house, to keep you safe."
"But the kids."
"Im sorry, but I cant risk this."
"Im sorry also"

I pull my hands off from Gray and began to run towards the children. I ran as fast as I can. Fire balls was just being thrown from left and right. Then I ran inside. I can see the children running and some are just hidding behind furniture and thier beds. Then I grabbed an adult.

"We need to get the kids to safety."
"Yes!! We are trying to collect the children to go downstairs to the basement. Is a lock safe. "
"Ok. I will help"

I ran to the bedrooms and I saw some kids hidding. I began to pull them and tell them to hold hands and to not let go at all. They listened and they began to hold on to eachother. I began to walk down the hallway towards the stairs. Then a fire ball smashed on the strairs. The kids began to scream. Then I turned around and we began to run towards the other side of the strairs. The children made it to the safe lock basement.

"Princess!! Theres a child missing. He is probably hidding inside his closet."

I look up and the building is burning down. I grabbed the door and then I close it.

"Princess!! Priness!!"

They began to bang on the door and I ignore them. I locked the door and then began to run upstairs. The smoke was heavy and I feel like my lungs are about to fail. But i pull myself together and I began to run. I turn to the room and I began to open closet. Then I open the last one and there he is crying. I grabbed him and I began to run out. I go downstairs. As I landed to the first floor, a fire ball blasted throught the walls. I grabbed the child and just cover him.

"Janera!! Janera!!"
"Jay... Jay!! Jay over here"

The smoke was getting heavy. I couldn't see and I couldnt breath. I took off my sweater and cover the childs head and face, then I cover him with my body. Then Jay came towards me and he grabbed me by the arm and we began to run out of the building. I began to cough and then someone grabbed me by hair and began to pull me away. I look up and I can see the most ugliest witch I have ever seen. I began to panic and try to fight back.

"You aint escaping"
"let me go!"

The witch throw me to the ground. I began to stand but my body is just weak.

"Janera!! RUN!!"

I saw Gray and Jay running towards the witch and I began to run. Then I saw Jay beside me. He then grabbed me by my arm and he flipped me and all I can see is his sword going straight through a witch cutting her in half. Blood splated all over my face. Jay then pulled me behind him.

"Hold on to me, and dont ever let me go. Follow my steps. Remember what I showed you in the gym."

I began to remember the fights we had and the way he trained me. So i grabbed him by his pants and held on tight. Jay pulled out his sword and then a green flame appeared around his sword. A couple witches appeared in front of us.

"Let's dance sis."

I looked ahead and began to concentrate. Jay began to swing his sword and his body. I began to follow along. Blood was just all over me and Jay. Then a witch grabbed Jay by his neck and the sword fell on the floor. Then he pushed me off as he grabbed Jay by the neck. This one is bigger than Jay and I can see that he is starting to kill Jay. I saw the sword but when I touched it, the flames began to burn my hands.

"Fuck, Im human still."

I saw that Jay was struggling and his legs began to kick. I looked around me and then I saw a brick. I grabbed the brick and began to run towards the witch from behind. I smalled the brick at the side of the head beside the ear. He let go of Jay and Jay fell to the ground. I didnt stopped. I began to bang the witch on the face over and over. Blood went to my face and all over my body. I began to smash it till I noticed that amount of blood all over me. I quickly dropped the brick and went towards Jay.
Jay was moving.

"Jay... Jay get up man. JAY!!"

I felt hopeless. But he cant die. Not like this. I stand and began to drag Jay towards the forest. I place him next to a tree. I began to smack his face to wake him up. Move his body but nothing. I placed my ears to his chest. I couldnt hear his heartbeat. I lay him down straight and began to pump his chest. Nothing. I did it again and again. Nothing.

"Jay you fucking bastard. Wake up please. Please Jay. Dont leave me like this"

I began to pump his chest over and over. My tears began to flow. I am loosing him. I will loose this man for god now. I can't. I cant loose him. He is my everything. I put my ears to his chest again, but nothing. My heart began to ache. Even though he is my brother, but i love this man. But i cant loose him. I cover his nose and raised his chin up. Then I began to do mouth to mouth. I began to blow and blow. Then he pushed me off.

"Janera, what the hell?"
"What the hell? I thought you was dead. I couldnt hear no heart beat. The guy was shocing the shit out of you. I thought you was dead."

I began to hit his chest over and over as I kept on taling. He then grabbed my hands and he hugs me. All I can do is cry in his chest.

"It's ok. Im sorry if I scared you. Come on. We gotta go back."

He grabbed my hands but the most painful feeling ran through my hand. Jay looks at my hands, and saw my hands burned.

"Please tell me that you didnt touched my sword?"
"I did."
"Janera, are you stupid. That sword can kill you. Your still humna."
"But i wanted to.."
"I get it. Here.."

Jay ripped his shirt and wrapped it around my hands. He then kissed me on my forehead. He grabs my hand and began to walk towards the village. Everything seemed to be settled. Then I remembered the children. I ran towards the building but Simon stopped me. I saw Loco waving his wand and stopped the fie. Then Gray comes out with all the children beside him. I ran towards Gray but then I felt like stomach was about to brake. A burning sensation began to burn my throat.

Jay grabs me but he quckly let me go.

"She is burning up."
"Its one of her powers."

I then close my eyes and just let the pain pass through. I opened my eyes and my vision became very clear. I noticed that I can see everything clear and bright. Then I saw the people, getting closer. They all began to look at me.

" ok?"
"Yeah, the pain went away, but I can see you all very clear."
"Look at me, and close your eyes. Tell me what you see."
"What is the point of looking at you if My eyes are close."
"Woman can you shut up and fucking do it"

I looked at Jay and the boys and then I close my eyes. As I closed my eyes, I can see them in black and gray. Like x-ray. I quickly opened my eyes and then close my eyes again to see if im not imagining things. But i wasn't.

"Jay, what....what is going on?"
"Power of Vision. You have double vision. Meaning you can see with your eyes closed and open. And your eyes changed. Look"

Jay pulled out his sword and I can see myself on the blade. I saw that my eyes are color red. Then all of a sudden, Loco comes in with a note.

"Guys, shit is about to get real."

Simon grabbed the letter and his face just went blank and then he passed it to Gray.

"Shit. Jay, we need to speed thhings up. You think we can get her ready."
"Yes I can. She is a fast learner."
"wait, whats going on"

Gray went to me.

"We need to get your powers back. The wicked is coming."

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