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Areum’s POV
I woke up and did my morning routine. I was feeling extra lazy so I decided to wear my gray long sleeved shirt with a black heart in the middle, black jeans, and my gray Vans. I got my bag ready and decided to just settle with toast for breakfast. As I was eating, my phone started to ring, I got up and went to go get it. I saw that my sister was calling me so I answered right away. I said “hello”.
“Areum guess what? I got two tickets to the BTS concert! I also got the high touch….it was expensive but I got it! Be ready be ready by 5 ok?”
“What! You did? Yay! Yea I’ll be ready by 5 cuz my classes end at 3!”
“Ok then. See you later. Bye!”
“Bye” I said as I hung up. I was excited and couldn’t wait….thats when I got lost in thought. My phone’s alarm went off reminding me that it was time to leave my dorm and start making my way to class. I quickly turned the alarm off and finished my breakfast. I grabbed my bag and phone and made my way to my first class. As I was walking to my first class I saw my crush, Park Chanyeol. When I first came to the school he was really close with my ex-bestfriend. So because of my best friend we would talk and I started to feel feelings for him. After my ex-bestfriend and I stopped being friends, she transferred to another college and after that me and him stopped talking. We have each other in Social Studies but we barely talk. Anyways back to reality. We made eye contact but he just walked past me with his friends. I’m used to it so I got over it really quickly...it’s just I always wonder what happened and why doesn’t he talk to me anymore. My first class was Science and I was so dreading it. I mean I like the subject and the class but this thing happened two weeks ago and now I’m screwed….
Two Weeks Ago
I sat down at my usual spot and started to take out my notebook. That’s when my seat partner arrived...my phone automatically turned on when I got a message notification from my new bestie…..and that’s when it all started….
“Hey who is that? The person that’s your background. Is he your boyfriend? I bet he is...he isn’t that bad honestly. You should totally introduce me to your boyfriend. I mean afterall we are seat partners!”
I didn’t want to tell her that he is my celebrity crush because if I did who knows how many rumors would start and what would Chanyeol think of me...so I did something that I later regretted…
“Yea he’s my boyfriend. I don’t think you could meet him…he doesn’t attend this school.”
“Oh...what’s his name?”
“His name is Jimin”
“Nice name”
And that is when it got awkward. I could tell she was about to say something but luckily our professor came in!
A Week Later
She wouldn’t stop asking about him since that day. I hope she doesn’t say anything today. While I thought that she had taken her seat next to me.
“Hey. Look I don’t mean to be rude but I think you’re making this whole boyfriend thing up because I never see him with you and honestly I don’t think he goes to a different school, I think he doesn’t exist at all. If you don’t show him to me in at least two weeks then I am going to tell the whole school that you are a fake and that you’re pretending to have a boyfriend.”
Before I could say anything back the professor walked in and I knew that I was screwed from that moment on…
Present Time
I walked into class and took my seat. For once she got to class before me but that is probably because I lost track of time this morning. If it weren’t for my phone I think I would have been late today.
“I meant what I said last week. You have this week till the end of next week to show him to me or else the rest of your college life is screwed.”
After that class ended the rest of my classes were better!
Jimin’s POV
We had just finished rehearsing a couple songs for the concert tonight and we're taking a break. Our manager came in and said that he has to tell us important news.
“So since we haven’t been in LA for a while we are giving your fans a little surprise! So we are going to ask them at the beginning of the show to think of something like a favor or something of that sort and they are going to tell you at the fan signing and high touch event. You guys will have to choose one lucky fan and fulfill their wish. Of course you can ignore the inappropriate ones.”
Then he walked out. We were all complaining but we finally got over it. Then we were called to continue rehearsing.
Areum’s POV
I got back to my dorm at 3:30 because I stopped to get food at the cafe. That meant that I had less than an hour and a half to get ready. I quickly showered, did my make up and my hair. Since I had changed into my pajamas after the shower I went to go find what I was going to wear. I put on my BTS shirt, white ripped jeans, my Jimin baseball jacket, and my black converse. I switched all of my necessities into my black shoulder purse with the chain. By the time I finished it was 4:58 so I made my way down to the front of the dorms. While I was waiting for my sister to arrive something happened that I didn’t expect. Chanyeol came up to me!
“Hey Areum! How have you been?”
“Hi. I’ve been good and you?”
“Same. I see you are going to the BTS concert and I see that your bias is still Jimin.”
“Yeah and yes he is. I wasn’t going to go to the concert but my sister managed to get tickets!”
“Yea. Oh my sister is here. Bye.”
“Oh bye. We should catch up some time”
“Yea we should”
When I got into the car my sister was smirking.
“Why are you smirking?”
“Oh nothing...when did you get a boyfriend?”
“He isn’t my boyfriend...we are just friends”
And then we were on our way to the BTS concert!!