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It’s been 4 weeks since Jin came back to my life. He’s been coming over with the same excuse “the kids called me for a play date”. I let it slide the first two weeks but now this is getting out of hand. I need to stop him from getting any more closer to the kids than what he already is because at this rate he’ll find out the truth and I don’t know how he’ll take it but more importantly how will the kids take it. What will they think of me when they find out that their appa was never abroad and they he never knew about them. I need to do something about this but what?
Nari: so is it ok we ask appa to come for parent’s sharing day at school, because if appa were to come you don’t have to come and miss work. And because we have to bring our appa because we have to talk about our dad’s job so I thought that maybe this time we can ask Jin appa to come??…. So is it ok if he comes and not you?
Y/N: yeah sure sweetie, it’s ok
Nari: thanks omma you’re the best I love you * hugs her and runs to her brother*
Oppa she said yes, hurry and call him
I was so lost in my thought that I didn’t notice that Nari was talking to me
Y/n: Huh … oh I love you too Nari…. wait Nari what did you say ……. And she’s gone. What did she say? Damn! I hope I didn’t agree to anything. They’re always trying to trick me on buying them some kind of toys
Yoongi: oh but you did and let’s just say it’s something you can’t take back no matter what you say or do
I heard a voice say across from where I was sitting. It was Yoongi eating an apple with a smirk on his face
Y/n: what?!!! Damn it, I should’ve paid more attention, now I have no idea what I agreed too…. But you do *points to Yoongi* you know what Nari was talking about. Tell me what did I agreed to do
Yoongi: who me *points to himself sarcastically* I have no idea ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ I don’t know anything
y/n: -____-
Yoongi: nah I'm just playing with you. And to be honest you got yourself in a deep hole, like really deep
Y/n: So you’ll tell and help me out of this deep hole I’ve gotten myself into right?.....
Yoongi: Y/n, who do you think I am. What do you think I’ll do huh?....Come on isn’t obvious???
Y/N: You’re right, I don’t know why I thought that you wouldn’t help out….thank you I really appreciate it. So tell me what did I agree to??
I said focusing on what he’ll tell me
Yoongi: Yeah …. No! I'm not saying anything, not now, not ever... well maybe when the time comes so until then I'm not saying a word
y/n: what, why? Why not I thought you would tell me you said you would help me!! So why aren’t you saying anything now. Come on just tell me. HUH??????
Yoongi: well I was going to say it but then, I thought that this might be something interesting to watch. So I'm not saying anything, because it would be more fun to just sit back and watch the show ^_^ said Yoongi leaving back with a smirk on his face
Y/N: wait? What show? Is that what they want from me? To take them to some show???
Yoongi: HA!!!! Nah. The show is mostly for me and not so much them
Y/N: Then?? What do they want from me, tell me and stop confusing me will you.
Yoongi: ok I’ll stop confusing you and I’ll just say this
Y/N: what?? What are you going to say….
Just as I finished saying that I saw Yoongi getting up from his sit and coming closer to me. Once he got where I was he leaned over so he could have his face leveled with the side if my face and whispered in my hear
Yoongi: you’ll have to wait until the show starts so why don’t you just sit and wait because you know what they say right?
Y/N: what? What do they say? You know wha……
As I was about to tell him to stop and to just tell me already he started to move but to my surprise he move just to be inches away from my face. Our faces were just center miters away that I couldn’t help but blush…HARD
Yoongi: poor you, you don’t even realize you’re the main lead of this show
Said Yoongi with a teasing smile on his face.
Yoongi: You know you can stop blushing, I already got my man so you blushing like that won’t make my heart skip >_^
Y/N: *clears throat* I… I … I didn’t blush I …. I'm just hot that’s all so, can you please move out of my face
I said pushing away from me. So I could cool down and let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding in. once he moved I started to touch my face too see if I could cool it down when I noticed he was leaving
Y/N: Yah!!! Where are you going, you still haven’t told me what I agree too
Yoongi: who me? I'm going to see the only one that can make my heart skip with just a smile. Sorry I can’t stay and chat with you
Y/N: what?!!! Yah!! I wasn’t trying anything on you
Yoongi: yeah right whatever you say and don’t worry I won’t tell Jimin that YOU his bestfriend tried to make a move on me his BOYFRIND *wink*
Y/N: YAH!!!!!!!!!
Yoongi: Oh and y/n I hope you get you happily ever after this time
Said Yoongi walking away while taking a bite out of his apple and winking at me, making me even more confuse of what I was already to begin with
Well I guess I have to wait until this so called “show” starts
Yoongi’s POV
Oh and y/n I hope you get you happily ever after this time
Was the last thing I said to her before walking out of the room we were. I really hope that me telling taehyung about the y/n’s kids and where she was all this time. I really hope that things work out between Jin and her.
Flash back~~~
Yoongi: Ugh I'm going to kill this kid , how dare he make me wait for him, I should be the one making him wait for me he better have a good excuse for making me wait….just wait and see what happens if you don’t walk through that door right now ....KIM TAEHYUNG L. I’ll give you until 3 to walk in or I'm leaving one….two….three that’s it I'm leaving
As I was getting my things ready to leave taehyung walked in and he looked like he was running because he looked like was out of breath and with some files on hand
5 minutes later ~
Yoongi: it’s about time you showed up don’t you think. WOW you even made me wait for almost 2 hours
Teahyung: sorry hyung I didn’t meant to keep you waiting I was with a client and we were going over some details about the person he’s looking for. I didn’t it would take so long …sorry
Yoongi: well if its work related I guess I can let it slide but just this once ok!
Taehyung: thanks hyung you’re the best
Yoongi: so what’s the case about? Who’s this guy looking for?
Taehyung: sorry hyung but I can’t tell you is classified sorry but I can tell you that he’s been looking for his wife for about 5 years already but no luck at all its like if she disappeared from this world I can’t seem to find her any were * phone rings* oh sorry hyung I have to take this its important
Yoongi: work? Is it your client?
Taehyung: ani ^_^
Yoongi: then… boyfriend? -__-
Taehyung: soon to be hopefully now if you excuse me I have to take this…. * clears throat* oh Hobi hyung ….
Said taehyung with a cheesy smile and walking away from me it’s not like I want to hear what he has to say to his love. I was starting to get bore Tae’s been on the phone for 20 minutes now. So I started to though his stuff and one thing caught my eye a name a very familiar name. “No this can’t be, can it?” I thought to myself so I took out the file and started to read it. And as I kept ready I got to a part that got me shocked because it was y/n’s name and one more thing I was sure she said she singed the paper so why does it say she didn’t. I was so into the file that I didn’t notice that Tae had returned and had taken the files back

Taehyung: hyung I told you, you can’t do through my stuff and especially through files like this. This is only for my clients and my eyes too see no one else’s ok
Yoongi: Yah Tae you said you couldn’t find this person right?
Taehyung: yeah why? Uhh never mind I can’t be discussing this with you this is something that can be discussed so easily especially in a place like this that anyone can hear everything. Let’s not talk about this anymore ok let’s just talk about others things ok. I’ll start…. So how’s jimin I heard you live together now and with some girl too …
Yoongi: uh oh yeah and I know why you couldn’t find the girl you’ve been looking for
Taehyung: what? How do you know I was looking for a girl…..oh that was the file you read right -_-
Yoongi: yeah and the reason you couldn’t find her is because she’s the girl that’s been living with both jimin and I and her twins Haneul and Nari
Taehyung: what?!!!! She’s the girl I’ve seen jimin with… no wonder she looked so familiar… wait kids she has kids? Wait who’s the dad?? * Dramatic gasp* is…is…is it you hyung?
Yoongi: what?!! No, it’s not me
Taehyung: Then who’s the dad … *drama queen gasp* its jimin is in it!!! Tst, tst, tsts well he’s always been a flirt and such a player but I never knew he would end up with kids right hyung….
Yoongi:* mega death glare* yah leave my little chim chim out of this he’s mime on only mine ok
Taehyung: *clears throat nervously* then if it’s not jimin than is it Namjoon hyung? He’s the last option
Yoongi: nope it’s not Namjoon but I do know who it is
Taehyung: who is it? Hyung can you tell me
Yoongi: Tae?
Taehyung: yea hyung
Yoongi: how would you like to play cupid on a show?
To be continuing……..
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