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Motherbird | Melbourne, Australia "Motherbird were commissioned to produce artwork to promote Chunky Move’s weekly public dance class program. Amongst a photographic saturated performing arts industry, the aim was to stand out and not look like another performance. Working with the quote “Dance Like Everybody’s Watching” a dynamic typographic piece was created. " - Motherbird, a Melbourne based crative studio was founded in 2009 by designers and close friends Jack Mussett, Chris Murphy and Dan Evans. Their clients include: MTV, Qantas, Warner Music, Chunky Move, Billy Blue School of Design and Grill’d etc. Motherbird are active members of the design community. They contribute to both national and international design publications, recently being commissioned to create the covers of Computer Arts Magazine & Desktop Magazine. - Love this poster! very eye-catching by just manipulating the word "Dance". Love the black & white.
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